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Santi & Kieran's breathtaking Bali Wedding

Bride & groom walking at the altar, holding a bouquet of flowers.

Wonderland Uluwatu served as the picturesque backdrop for a Western-Balinese fusion wedding that beautifully celebrated the couple's heritage. Their vision was brought to life against the backdrop of a lush greenary, with breathtaking cliff-top views overlooking the Indian ocean.

The key to a perfect fusion lies in finding the right canvas, and Wonderland Uluwatu was just that—a blank canvas waiting to be painted with their unique story. The garden provided an enchanting ambiance, creating a harmonious blend of nature and love. The cliff-top views added a touch of drama to the festivities.

To set the mood, the couple chose florals in soft sunset tones. These delicate blooms added romance and elegance. Wonderland Uluwatu provides every couple a change to craft their dream wedding, showcasing the beauty of their Western and Balinese backgrounds in perfect harmony. In the end, it was a celebration that highlighted the power of love to bridge cultures and create a timeless memory.

First Kiss
Santi & Keiran

Guests embarked on a memorable journey at Wonderland Uluwatu but were quickly ushered into the Reflections Building due to the unprecedented rain that arrived during what was supposed to be the dry season. As the raindrops fell unexpectedly, the couple and their dedicated wedding planners were faced with the challenge of devising last-minute backup plans for both the ceremony and reception.

At the brink of altering the entire setup and moving the ceremony to the Reflections Building, a stroke of serendipity unfolded. The heavens cleared, granting the couple their heartfelt wish of an outdoor ceremony at The Point. This location had been a major attraction for the client when they first inspected the property, and the rain's departure felt like a divine blessing.

However, nature had more surprises in store. Rain reappeared after the ceremony, prompting a swift relocation of the cocktail hour into the Reflections Building. Fortunately, the skies cleared once more, just in time for the dinner, where guests savored their meals on the lush grass. The evening culminated in a spectacular celebration under a giant disco ball, a dazzling finale to a day marked by the unpredictable beauty of both love and nature.

Decoration for Bali Wedding

Table decoration for Bali Wedding

Santi and Kieran’s wedding was minimal yet whimsically romantic and had rustic touches that blended their Western-Balinese fusion seamlessly.

A bridal dancing in the Bali Wedding Party

A bridal dancing with the guests

Party on Bali Wedding

Their choice of entertainment truly elevated the entire celebration. When Traffic Blues took the stage, their lively beats became the heartbeat of the evening, infusing the atmosphere with energy and soul. The band's music transcended boundaries, appealing to guests from all corners of the globe, and igniting a collective passion for dance and celebration.

As the night unfolded, DJ Scott Bruce seamlessly picked up where Traffic Blues left off, spinning tracks that spanned genres and generations. The memories created on this special day with be remembered by Santi, Kieran, and all their loved ones forever.

Below are the vendors for Santi and Kieran’s wedding; in case you would like to check their work out!

Wedding Planner @planabali

Hair & Nails @troveartistrybali

Photography @allumeweddings

Gallery @imajgallery

Allegro @mahrus_allegro

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