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Tips for planning a Bali wedding from the islands wedding experts

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

As a bride-to-be, you are always looking at wedding blogs, talking to wedding planners, searching for new ideas and tips on everything. You want your wedding day to be perfect and you put in months of preparation to ensure that everything goes just the way you want it. And through all this, you wedding planner becomes your best friend - they know how to solve any hiccup that comes your way and they will fight for your wedding vision till the very end. They have the right experience and the right resources at hand to make everything fabulous.

Tips for planning a Bali wedding

So before you leap into making all the big decisions for your Bali Wedding, we have collated tips from some of the top Bali wedding planners just for you. They talk about everything from how to hire the perfect planner for your Bali wedding to budgeting and even decor tips! So take a moment, breathe, read and enjoy every step of creating your dream Bali Wedding.


Tips for planning a Bali wedding

Silver Lace Weddings are a Bali based wedding planning service located in Jimbaran on the southern tip of the island. They are known for their professional conduct and going the extra mile for their clients.


1. If you have time, visit Bali.

Any planner should be able to welcome you with open arms and take you to see venues, try out catering options, talk to a stylist and do hair & makeup trials etc (subject to availability). Not only is this exciting and fun, but again, total peace of mind that you know exactly what you are getting. If you're not able to visit, your planner should be approachable, able to give you plenty of time, call you regularly and send you plenty of examples of their work.

2. Read reviews of your planner

See what others have to say about them. Even contact previous brides from the planners online reviews they have posted. Use social media wisely too. It’s a great platform for networking with other brides but beware of bogus profiles and vendor reviews. Again, politely ask for a few pictures of their day and their vendors work.

Tips for planning a Bali wedding

3. Do your due diligence

Check you planner has the right licenses to run events and if they have western workers, make sure they have the correct work permits. Never be afraid to ask to see these documents, after all you need to know you can build a healthy relationship with your planner with peace of mind that immigration or manpower are not forced to shut your wedding down due to the failure of permits and licenses. Bali is a fantastic destination and quite rightly their laws and culture should be respected, in return you’ll reap the rewards of these lovely people. You will be investing money and time so don’t be pushed around, enjoy the wonderful experience.

You can check out their work

Contact : +62 821-4444-3650


Tips for planning a Bali wedding

Hari Indah, a Indonesian phrase meaning “a beautiful day” is an event planning company which focuses on creating an event that reflects the personality and style of the client. If personal touch is what you are looking for on your special day.


1. Appoint a wedding planner who suits your working style.

With so many wedding planning professionals on the island, it is not always clear how they differ. Consider your personality and how much you’d like to do yourself before appointing someone. If you’re very hands on, you may need a coordinator, who will put in touch with other professionals and then pull it all together at the wedding day. If you’d like to have someone you can always reach out to get an option, discuss various options and help with the design of the event decor, pick a planner who offers a comprehensive service including event styling.

Tips for planning a Bali wedding

2. Don’t try to do too many things at once.

There are so many aspects when planning a wedding, Brides can easily get overwhelmed. You will have some pretty big decisions to make, such as selecting your ideal venue or appointing the right caterer. Give yourself some head space to make sure you make the right pick. You can focus on what tables you are going to have at the reception a bit later, when you start to think about the decor. 3. Have fun!

Wedding planning is an exciting time so have fun with it! Your planner will guide you through all the stages gradually. Then, when the big day comes, have a glass of bubbly with your girlfriends and enjoy the day as you’ve got someone else who will make things happen.

check their work

Contact : +62 878-615-884-34


Tips for planning a Bali wedding

The Wedding Mood is a wedding planning agency based in Seminyak. Having worked in the hospitality and event industry for the past 8 years, Henny, is well known for her expertise in wedding planning. Her focus lies on creating the perfect mood & memories that stay with you forever.


1. Choose a date

Which months would suit you and your closest family best to go on a vacation and celebrate your wedding? Do you or some of your guests have to take school holidays into consideration? Apart from personal preferences, especially for Bali, the dry season months remain the most favorable ones: from May until October Bali is considered dry and these months are the safest to have an outdoor wedding reception. Have a back-up date ready for your planner so they can look out for an alternative date just in case your dream venue is booked! Once the venue is confirmed, send out the first batch of ‘Save The Date’ notifications to your guests for them to enjoy some Early Bird flight and room specials.

2. Choose a venue

Bali’s ever-growing event industry offers an abundance of private villas and event spaces. Speak to your partner what is important to both of you: a beach front ceremony, or cliff top dinner under the stars or maybe an intimate garden party is more appealing to you. To ensure that your favorite venue is still available on your wedding date, look at your guest list and speak to your wedding planner about venue options as early as 1 year prior to the wedding date. Make sure your planner knows your search criteria in order for them to find a venue that caters to your location preferences, number of guests as well as to your budget.

Tips for planning a Bali wedding

3. Set an RSVP Date that helps your planner

This is a rather practical piece of advice. Latest 2 months prior to your Big Day your guests should be able to let you know whether they will be able to attend your overseas wedding and we assume that you will want to know who is coming by now too! Set a cut-off date and continue to plan with the smallest number of guests as it is always easier to add guests to the tables at a later stage that to take them off the list later on.

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Contact : +62 821-4780-4420


Tips for planning a Bali wedding

Bali Catering Company is Bali’s leading wedding and events catering company that will deliver exquisite food and beverage options with a myriad of options for you to choose from.


1. Be ready

Anticipation is the keyword if you want to have a successful bali wedding. You must prepare yourself several months before. You have to think about the location, the date, the number of guests, and most important is the catering. So many little things might appear on the wedding day that will make you distraught. Don’t just double check what we have planned, but “triple” check it no matter what.

2. Hire professionals

If you don’t want to be stressed, you can contact a wedding organizer so he or she can help you from the beginning to the end of the event. You can also have professional waiters, cooks and photographers, so you can simply enjoy your day with your family and friends, and do not have to worry about anything because everything is in good hands. Be diligent when hiring wedding organizers, photographers, and catering company. Experienced professional service that has long been established in Bali would be a good consideration.

Tips for planning a Bali wedding

3. Budgeting

Make a budget plan, be consistent, and always stick to your plan. Prioritize the big spend items to fit your budget. Catering tends to be a big challenge when having a Bali wedding. The catering service which blends exceptional cuisine with the freshest & local produce of Bali will make your bali wedding an unforgettable affair. Bali Catering offers many packages to suit all needs, you can choose to have a buffet or a set menu. Do not worry about your budget because it will be worth every penny.

You can find out more about them

Contact : +62 361 473 7324


Tips for planning a Bali wedding

The Bali Bride is Bali’s largest online wedding directory, created by a team of husband and wife and is now a source of inspiration for all future Bali Brides and Bali weddings. If you are looking for some wedding inspiration or vendors.


1. Do your research

Reach out to at least 3 businesses within the category you are looking for to get a feel for them and begin getting to know them through their emails and Whats App phone calls. A good relationship with your vendors is really important. Listen to reviews from previous brides and go with your gut. It's usually right. We have a directory of businesses that we've already tried and tested throughout hundreds of weddings so you should find trust in them immediately on The Bali Bride Directory. We've already done the work for you! Also, our The Bali Bride Tribe facebook group is full of past brides that are more than happy to share about their day and their genuine recommendations. Feel free to join.

2. Never Assume, Confirm Everything

From your months and months of planning and researching its easy to have a look in your mind and assume it's going to look like that on the day. Make sure you provide as much imagery you can to show exactly what you mean. Don't forget the small things too; Vases, Table Numbers, Menu's, Welcome Sign, Salt and Pepper Shakers, Plates, Cutlery, etc. Although small, together they can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your day. And share them with your planner, they can't read your mind. You can pin anything from The Bali Bride Website to your pinterest page, or you can see loads of inspo on The Bali Bride Pinterest page.

3. Stick to your budget

When you start contacting vendors their first question will always be what is your budget? Create a budget and stick to it. Start with your total amount and start spreading it across all of the areas you want to use it. Create a spreadsheet. A large portion will need to go to the venue and food and drinks. Then your floral design, furniture and styling. By planning out early in advance you will be able to move money around where you've saved some with some vendors and move it to somewhere else that needs it. A lot of brides contact us about flowers, my only advice here is to go local. Your money goes much further going local. Good Luck and have fun, Bali is the best wedding destination in the world!

you can find them

Contact : +61411319983


Tips for planning a Bali wedding

Run by a passionate Bali-based duo from Melbourne, Bali event hire is the top rental company for props and events on the island. Known for their professionalism and unmatched customer service, they are the go-to company when you are planning your wedding in Bali.


1. You’ve decided to marry your soulmate on the beautiful island of Bali so your first (and best!) decision ever has already been made! Now it’s time for the next 17,000 or so decisions! It will come as no surprise to you that our first piece of advice is to find a Wedding planner you connect with - one with incredible superpowers would also be a bonus :) When you’re planning a destination wedding, you can’t underestimate the power of having someone with experience in the Bali Wedding industry on your side, someone with local cultural knowledge and strong relationships with Bali wedding vendors is invaluable. This person will allow you to take the occasional deep breath and actually enjoy the planning process with your partner in crime and that’s what it’s all about!

Tips for planning a Bali wedding

2. You might be surprised to hear (not really) that our second piece of advice would be to talk to Bali Event Hire for all your furniture requirements. Furniture and decor is incredibly important as it has the power to set the mood and scene for your whole wedding day. We have a huge range of beautiful furniture in every conceivable style and we have the best team of smiley, reliable and experienced staff on the island.

3. And finally, try to remember that things do move bit slower on this little island and culturally Bali can be in no rush to get things done. Remember that this calm and peaceful pace is one of the reasons you chose Bali for your wedding in the first place! Please trust that everything will be perfect because it will be because your love is perfect!

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Contact : +62 812 383 56810 / +62 818 343 860


Tips for planning a Bali wedding

Planning a Bali destination wedding? Bali is so special, it’s a paradise, which is why it’s also one of the most popular places for couples who want to get married, throw an unforgettable wedding getaway for their closest friends and family members. Here’s everything you need to know for your Bali destination wedding.

Getting to Bali

Getting to Bali is convenient and affordable thanks to a fantastic range of flights offered by trusted airlines. International flights to Bali will land at Ngurah Rai International Airport (Denpasar Airport). Located about 15 km south of Denpasar and 2.5 km from Kuta, the airport is quite close to many popular Bali villas, resorts and hotels. Taxi services are available from the airport to your resort and are located after customs on the arrivals level outside of the terminal. Biking is also a popular option with the locals, and you can find rental shops and bike tours across all of the islands.


Generally, it is better to hold your wedding during April – September, which is Bali’s dry season. Weddings are, however, performed all year. We suggest that if you plan to have a wedding during the rainy season, you should have a plan B, a contingency plan at your venue. We can happily advise you on this. You can confirm your wedding date, then.

Wedding Planner

Picking your wedding planner is one of the very first steps in planning your destination wedding in Bali. A wedding planner guides you through the whole planning process and on the big day itself, supporting in whatever way you need. Wedding planners can assist couples with ideas/ tips, help you with venue recommendations, connect you to the suitable and reliable vendors, and creating a budget plan and even more. In addition to keeping a track of the bride & groom’s schedule, a planner will also make a wedding-day timeline and ensure that it gets implemented — down to the smallest detail. If you need a Wedding Planner or Wedding Consultants please send your inquiries via email to or call us at +62 8127 328 1111 (Elisabeth)


Bali is definitely one of the best wedding destinations and with these tips you can make planning your Bali wedding a cake-walk! And once the planning stage is complete, trust your planner and don’t forget to relax & enjoy your special day with your special someone, afterall, you are going to cherish these memories forever. If you are looking for that perfect venue to turn your dream day into reality, then explore your options at Wonderland Uluwatu - Bali’s newest wedding and events space. This sprawling one hectare of land on a 200 meter cliff-top with the views of the Indian ocean is the perfect destination for Bali weddings intimate to grand. Find out more at

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