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Real Weddings at Wonderland Uluwatu Bey+Tiksi

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Bey and Tiksi had a beautiful ceremony on the 31st of May, 2021. We reached out to the couple to ask them more about how they planned their Bali wedding as well as for some tips for all potential Bali brides and grooms.

Here are some thoughts and tips from the groom:

“Planning a wedding amidst a pandemic is definitely not an easy feat. We struggled in a lot of aspects, especially funding. But we managed to get it through by the love of God and great people around us. Do not fear to talk about your struggles to people around you and enjoy the process. Everything will be unveiled one by one and come into shape even before you realize it. Little tips and tricks that we can share when planning a wedding, first you need to meet a good planner and organizer! Talk through what’s your need and concern directly and let them do their magic. Stop controlling too much and just supervise once in a while. And then you should decide what I call “The Wedding Trifecta” : VENUE, CATERING and DECORATION! Those are the major components to shape a good wedding, and the other small details will follow based on your ability. You will be surprised with all the support from people around you. And by the end of the day, keep in mind that nothing is perfect, but the most important thing is that you should be happy and enjoy your wedding to the fullest!”

We asked the bride what comes to her mind when she thinks back to her wedding date:

LOTS OF TEARS! That’s what comes to my mind when planning my wedding, LOL! Sad and happy tears continuously flowing during the process. From receiving a proposal, family meetings, getting our pre-wedding shoot, and then escalated to rescheduling our wedding because of the pandemic, all the arguments with my partner and seeing my guests cancelling their reservations. Wedding is such a big salad bowl! Fresh, sweet, zesty and savoury all in once! But by the end of day all those emotions are worth fighting for. It felt like a big flower bloomed inside my chest to see all the lovely familiar faces there to witness our happy day. What I can share when it comes to planning a wedding is BUDGETING! Decide a clear number on how much you are willing to shave off from your savings, and add up 10% on top of it for unexpected expenses. And stick to it no matter what! And do not fret when you meet bumpy roads in the process. Hold on tight to your faith and your partner, let the universe shower its blessings to you. Believe me ladies, IT'S WORTH IT!


Below are some gorgeous images from Bey and Tiksi’s wedding party.

Wedding vendors

WP & WO : @bipisignaturebali

Venue : @wonderlanduluwatu

Catering and Bar : @lumbungcateringbali

Decoration and Styling : @tixxydesign

Attires : @kartikabutik

Bride MUA : @fikrihalim

Family MUA : @deamua @firdaamelia_mua

Hair Stylist : @nitaagustinimua

Videography : @leurafilm @dodoismyname

Wedding Band :

Celebrant : @ravinjay.k

DJ : @jonathanapratama @byanos_

Wedding Cake : @yamunapastry

Digital Guestbook Service :

Production : @gloriaproduction.official

Souvenirs : @ilmgarage

And below is a beautiful wedding clip from their ceremony:

If you are looking for more wedding inspiration, visit our instagram handle at @wonderlanduluwatu


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