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10 Simple Ways for celebrating your Bali Wedding with your parents

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Hosting a Bali wedding with your friends and family? Your wedding is as important for your parents as it is for you. Travelling and planning a destination wedding can be exhausting for them as well. And when they reach Bali here are some ways to entertain them so that they can relax, experience the best of Bali and enjoy your wedding!

1. Spa for Their Health and Relaxation

Your parents may be tired and stressed because of all the wedding preparation. So, give your love and gratitude by treating your parents to wonderful spas while they are in Bali. Spas are all about relaxation, and coming to Bali will never be complete without a relaxing full-body massage. This beautiful spa will help them relax, reduce stress and enjoy your special day to the fullest!

2. Having Lunch in Beautiful Locations and with Stunning Views of Bali

Treat your parents while in Bali by taking them to spectacular restaurants with stunning views. Some restaurants will let your parents relax in the country atmosphere with the perfect natural air while enjoying the fantastic food. Apart from that, the stunning cliff-top view and beautiful beach view are the best other options for you to choose. Don't let your parents miss out on this one!

3. Romantic Family Dinner

Family dinner

Bali offers a casual and welcoming dining ambiance. You can choose many options, from restaurants within luxury 5-star resorts to casual dinners on the beach. Spend your night by spreading your love to your parents while enjoying good food. Don't forget to capture this beautiful moment with the best photo!

4. Relaxing by the pool

Relaxing at the pool with all family members

Relaxing by the pool is a great way to spend some quality time with your parents before your wedding. You can keep a refreshing beverage and snack with them all the time.

5. Comfort Villa to Stay

A comfortable place for preparing before the wedding start at Wonderland Uluwatu

Have you searched for the perfect place to stay in Bali for your parents? Stay near your wedding venue; it's great. But wherever you'll stay, Bali always has breathtaking scenery. If you want privacy, the villa will be better for you. You'll get the whole space to yourselves and your parents, including all-day access to the pool and sunbeds.

6. Shopping

A trip to Bali will never be complete without shopping for unique stuff. Also, shopping will let your parents explore the nooks of Bali. Don't forget to visit Ubud Art Market to find some exquisite arts and crafts.

7. Enjoy the Ambience and Views

The Wonderland Uluwatu View

Planning a wedding in Bali gives your parents a chance to enjoy the ambiance and view of nature while apart from the busy activities in the city. So take your parents to the greenest place in Bali, like Ubud.

8. Entertain Your Parents with Traditional Balinese entertainment

A traditional dance from Indonesia at Wonderland Uluwatu

Most parents admire cultural spectacles. Therefore, Barong, Kecak, Kris Dance will be a good option for treating your parents.

9. Golf Together

If your parents love sports, try to play golf while you are in Bali. Playing golf in Bali is calming and exhilarating. Golf pros and beginners of all ages will appreciate the friendly caddies, the patient teachers, and the comfort of the modern clubhouse services and facilities. Or visit the clubhouses to enjoy a nice meal in a pretty setting. Handara Golf & Resort Bali or Bukit Pandawa Golf & Country Club may be the best options.

Your parents' love will never end, so giving your best to your parents should never end!


We hope all the above tips help you give your parents the best while you are in Bali. If you have more queries, don't hesitate to reach us at And if you need more inspiration for your Bali wedding, visit our blogs at

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