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Adding a touch of Balinese element to your wedding destination

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Choosing Bali as your wedding destination would be the best decision. Bali has many unique elements as its characteristics. It will make your wedding memorable for the rest of your life. So why don't you try to add a touch of Balinese elements to your wedding? It would be great for you! As a wedding host, you have to arrange everything from the food service to the wedding theme. Bali will provide it all for you. Here we have some inspiration to help you plan your Bali destination wedding.

Add a touch of Bali with staple Balinese food

What about having some delicious Balinese foods in your Wedding Buffet? Buffet-style food service has long been a staple of the wedding reception. Including some local balinese cuisines can definitely help keep guests engaged and be a memorable experience for them.

  • Nasi Jinggo

Balinese element to your wedding destination

Nasi Jinggo may sound familiar to you. This Balinese ready-to-eat food has a simple package in small portions. Rice with various side dishes such as sambal goreng, tempeh, and noodles are wrapped by Banana leaves. In addition, some restaurants usually offer other toppings like sate lilit or salted eggs.

  • Ayam Betutu

Balinese element to your wedding destination

Providing Ayam Betutu in your wedding buffet? It's quite a good idea. This food is known to be served in Balinese traditional ceremonies and wedding ceremonies. Made of chicken with spices inside, consisting of turmeric, galangal, onion, garlic, salam leaf, and chilies, Ayam Betutu will taste delicious and appetize your guests.

  • Serombotan

Balinese element to your wedding destination

There is no doubt about having Serombotan as a healthy food in your buffet. Made of vegetables; eggplants, spinach, kale, snap peas, and bean sprouts. This food should complete your wedding buffet because of its phenomenal taste. Provide your guests with this healthy food as your concern for your guests’ health.

  • Sate Lilit

Balinese element to your wedding destination

Here, in Bali, the unique satay in the world. Different from other types of satays. Sate Lilit is made from minced meat wrapped around a bamboo or lemongrass stick, and it’s typically made from tuna, the unique way of this satay is where its flavor is mixed during the mincing process. So this satay is not served with sauce like most other satays.

  • Sate Plecing

Balinese element to your wedding destination

If sate Lilit is unique because the flavors are mixed during the mincing process, then sate plecing will dance your guest’s tongue with its sauce taste (sambel plecing).

Add a touch of Traditional Bali in your wedding decoration

If you appreciate local balinese arts and crafts, adding some balinese elements to the wedding decor would definitely make your wedding stand out. Coconut leaves, Angkul-angkul, janur kuning, kain poleng, and other Bali’s arts would be great options for stunning wedding decoration inspired by local elements.

Add a touch of Balinese culture to the Wedding Rituals.

You won't regret being a part of a unique ritual of Balinese blessing ceremony. You and your fiance will go through many unforgettable spiritual experiences during your wedding ceremony. This ritual would be perfect for couples who want a profoundly spiritual wedding tradition. Many symbols are made to respect elements of the earth.

For instance, the couple and high priest sit on the floor to symbolize the bond with the element earth. Then, couples will give each other a bite of food which illustrates that from now on, both will take care of and provide for each other. So sweet, right?

And of course, there are also some rituals needed before a ceremony. So here we share some steps of the ritual to illustrate if you have a Bali wedding ritual.

  • Purify the souls of couples.

Balinese element to your wedding destination

If you choose to have a Balinese wedding ritual, you’ll be lucky! First, your soul will be purified from evil spirits by the Balinese high priest. Then, in this ritual, you will be sprinkled with a few drops of holy water.

  • The blessing of the Gods

After purifying the souls of couples, the high priest will seek the Blessing of the Benevolent Divine. Then, you will hold your hands and prayers to connect with the deities and receive God's grace for life together as a married couple.

We hope a few pieces of the info above helps you decide on adding Balinese elements to your wedding destination. If you are looking for a gorgeous cliff-top wedding venue, check our website at Don't hesitate to reach us at for further questions. We'd love to help you arrange and realize your dream Bali wedding into reality.

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