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Why Bali is the perfect location for you destination wedding?

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

perfect location for you destination wedding | Bali


Wedding location is one of the most important decisions to make when planning your special day. The perfect location sets the right backdrop for a spectacular wedding. The venue inadvertently decides the tone for the wedding - right from themes to events to decor options, guest lists and even photoshoots are dictated by the wedding venue.

And let’s be honest, who can say no to exchanging your vows against a backdrop of Bali’s sparkling blue ocean waters and white sandy beaches or the lush greens of paddy fields. This right here is why Bali is quickly climbing the top of the list when it comes to destination weddings. Bali is culturally unique in its multitude of offerings and is becoming one of the most sought after weddings destination around the globe. Here we tell you why!

  • "You can choose your own story". Bali, as a location is so versatile that it satisfies every couples’ demands. Whether you want a small Bali wedding on a secluded cliff-top or a three day party at a beach house, you will find what you need for the perfect Bali Destination Wedding. Undeniably, there is something for every couple on this gorgeous island!

  • "Best Sunsets in the world". Bali offers some of the most iconic sunsets in the world. Tourists flock in to this Indonesian island to catch a glimpse of the sun setting in the Indian ocean. Imagine having a sundowner wedding or a reception on a cliff top; it will be a memory that lasts for a lifetime.

  • "Splurge Big or Save Big". You can go either way with a Bali Wedding! From luxurious beach front properties to secluded private retreats or a simple garden wedding - you can get exactly what you want and perhaps more in exactly how much you want to pay. When compared to other wedding locations, Bali is very affordable for the luxury (and the views!) it offers!

  • "Ridiculously beautiful wedding venues". The biggest struggle when it comes to wedding venues is the availability of your preferred venue on your preferred date. Even if one of the your preferred Bali wedding venues is unavailable, there are so many gorgeous venues for you to choose from that you won’t have to compromise on your special day!

  • "Merging your honeymoon with the wedding". What’s a great way to start your married life? With a honeymoon! Bali can effortlessly double as your honeymoon destination. Your options are endless in bali - whether you are imagining a relaxing honeymoon near the beach or an adventurous one with snorkelling & surfing, the island of Bali will satisfy all kinds of couples.

  • "Keep the Guest list compact". A Bali destination wedding is a good way to make sure that only people near and dear to you are present on your special day. Gather all your close friends and family together and create a magical experience on a gorgeous location

  • "Get photos with every tropical background you can imagine". A backdrop of green rice paddy fields. Done. Standing against the pristine beaches of the Indian Ocean. Done. Watching the sunset on a secluded cliff-top. Done. Swimming with the fishes underwater. Done. Bali’s varied geographical features and picturesque spots makes for stunning pre-wedding or post-wedding shoots.

A Bali wedding is bound to be and exquisite and memorable affair for you and your guests. If you are looking to turn your dream day into a reality, explore your options at Wonderland Uluwatu - Bali’s newest wedding and events space. This sprawling 1 hectare of land on a 200 meter cliff-top with the views of the Indian ocean is the perfect destination for weddings intimate to grand. Find out more at

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