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Bali Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Spots

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Are you preparing for your wedding day? Congratulations on taking that big step together! Many couples use the pre-wedding photoshoot to capture the beautiful moments of their journey together before they begin their new phase. We have compiled an extensive list of places and themes to inspire you to book your pre-wedding shoot today!

  • Romantic Beach.

The beach is always a popular choice for a romantic pre-wedding photoshoot. Walk on the beach together and show your happiness. You can choose from the many beautiful beaches in Bali. Don't forget to consider the right time to visit the beach. The natural lighting of the sunset or sunrise will affect the ambiance of your photos.

If you want to create a beautiful moment on a gorgeous black sand beach then we recommend going to Mengening beach in Canggu Village. This beach offers a stunning cliff-top sunset and is not too touristy.

Best Time to Shoot: 4.30 pm – 6.00 pm during sunset.

What to wear: We recommend you wear a casual or light, flowy dress. Bare your feet and enjoy the cool sand!

Entrance fee: It's free.

Capture the sincerity of love on the white sands of Melasti Beach. The limestone cliffs serve as an excellent background for your pre-wedding photos.

Best Time to Shoot: 4.00 pm – 6.00 pm during sunset.

What to Wear: Casual or formal outfit.

Entrance Fee: IDR 500.000

  • Sporty Prewedding shoot

A surfing spot

If you want a unique photoshoots, we recommend having a sporty theme for your pre-wedding photos. For example, dancing on the wave with your beloved on the surfboard will create memorable photos.

Surfer Paradise, Balangan Beach.

Balangan beach is also a photo shooting spot and is popular as a surfer paradise.

Best Time to Shoot: 4.00 pm – 6.00 pm during sunset.

What to Wear: Any short outfit or surf outfit.

Entrance Fee: IDR 500.000 for photoshoot entrance.

  • Bali Underwater for an Extraordinary Couple.

An underwater photoshoot might be challenging but absolutely worth it.

Best Time to Shoot: We recommend taking photoshoots in the ample water during the day.

What to Wear: Anything you are comfortable with.

Entrance fee: Depends on your photoshoot place.

  • Picnic Aesthetic

A picnic place at Bali Cliff Top

The picnic aesthetic is trendy this year; after two years of lockdown and staying at home during the pandemic of Covid-19, any reason to be outdoors is welcome. You can take a shot while cheering your wine on the beach or in a garden

Beach Picnic, Nyang Nyang Beach.

The pristine white sands of the beach are lined by a towering green cliff, which keeps it away from prying eyes, especially with the parts of an abandoned vessel lying around the coast. It's perfect for a photo or even a little quaint exploration.

Time to Shoot: The best time to take a photo is usually before 1 pm.

What to Wear: We suggest simple, Casual, and comfortable outfits.

Entrance Fee: By donation.

  • Traditional Inheritance with Dramatic Royal Fairytale.

A Balinese praying at the Pura

Pre-wedding shoots in Bali can never be complete without including some cultural component that is highly prevalent in Bali. For example, use a temple as a backdrop for a more ethnic vibe for your picture. Also, use a traditional outfit to suit the ambiance or walk around the traditional market in Bali.

Pura Luhur Lempuyang

Called the gateway to heaven, Pura Luhur Lempuyang will make you feel tiny. Especially when you stare at the magnificent Mount Agung, flanked by beautiful valleys and the distant ocean spread out before you.

Best Time to Shoot: Early hours of the morning for sunrise.

What to Wear: Traditional Outfit like Kebaya. But as this is a temple complex, you will need to ensure that you are dressed conservatively in long skirts before entering.

Entrance Fee: At least IDR 100.000 for prewedding photoshoots.

Get Royal of your fairytale

If you love fairytales and ruined castles, don't miss out on Bali's magnificent place architecture for your photoshoot.

Location : Taman Ujung Water Palace Karangasem

Best Time to Shoot: 8.00 am.

What to Wear: Traditional Outfit and Formal Dress.

Entrance Fee: IDR 1.000.000, but if you want to rent a traditional boat, charges can be IDR 100.000.

Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Bedugul.

Ulun Danu Temple's floating temple stands tall in a shrine tower with eleven levels ceilings, seven levels ceilings, and three levels ceilings.

Best Time to Shoot: 6.00 am during sunrise.

What to Wear: Wear your best dress in any colour, but traditional outfits like Kebaya would be better.

Entrance Fee: IDR 600.000, But for the best dramatic photoshoot we suggest you rent a boat IDR 100.000/30 minutes.

  • Vintage

Vintage handcrafts

This is all about going back to the good old retro times and recreating moments from the 50s to 70s era. Vintage items have been trending lately. For example, The Ontel bike, Vespa, VW cars, or old buildings will help you create such classic pictures.

What to Wear: Of course, your vintage outfit.

  • Modern Minimalist.

A romantic night with the minimalist decoration

Modern minimalist photoshoots just need simple and natural ornaments such as monstera leaves and cotton flowers in the studio or indoor areas.

Best Time to Shoot: Anytime, day or night is perfect as the light is available in the studio.

What to Wear: We suggest you wear stylish and casual outfits.

  • Street Photoshoot.

A street photoshoot at Uluwatu

The intersection of Bali and street photography is creating something fundamentally authentic. It's the creation of art that you can apply to your prewedding photos. So, choose the street that has special moments for you and have a meaningful photoshoot.

Best Time to Shoot: Anytime, day or night is perfect.

What to Wear: Casual or formal outfit.

  • The Greenest Forest.

Waterfall backdrop for a pre-wedding photoshoot

How about the greenest forest? Bali is famous for its nature and terrain. Simple yet elegant, these natural landscapes are perfect. Tukad Cepung Waterfall or Mangrove Forest Nusa Lembongan would be the best for those who love nature.

The Exotic nature of Mangrove Forest

A romantic space to have a good time is the mangrove forests near Sanur in Bali. It is an entire piece of heart with purity and many other surprising elements. This hidden forest is charming and lush as the secret spot for capturing your beautiful moments.

Best Time to Shoot: Morning from 09.00 am – 11.00 am and Afternoon from 16.00 pm – 17.30 pm

What to Wear: Casual or light, flowy dress.

Entrance Fee: IDR 200.000.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall.

Mother nature's beautiful creation and full of romanticism, there is something magical and unique about a couple of shots at this waterfall. Needless to say, waterfalls on their own are simply dreamlike.

Best Time to Shoot: 9.00 – 10.00 am

What to Wear: Simple, casual, and comfortable outfit. Don't forget to wear flip-flops or rubber shoes since we're gonna walk through the water.

Entrance Fee: IDR 400.000.

  • A beautiful Green Rice Field.

Capturing your extraordinary moment with the views of the terraced rice field, will be an absolutely wonderful experience.

Location : Tegalalang Ubud.

Best Time to Shoot: Morning 6.30 am.

What to Wear: It would be better with a light dress and flat footwear

Entrance Fee: Donation for the farmer

Wonderland Uluwatu also offers beautiful cliff-top views of the Indian Ocean and can be an ideal spot for your pre-wedding photoshoot or for shots to be used in your wedding invites! Come check out our venue today! Reach out to us at to schedule an inspection.

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