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Sweet Bella Project - Planning a Bali Destination Wedding at Wonderland Uluwatu

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Wonderland Uluwatu has reached out to some of Bali’s top wedding planners and asked for their tips on how to plan the perfect Bali wedding at Wonderland Uluwatu.

Sweet Bella Project

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Wedding planner : Sweet Bella Project


A wedding designer and decorator will always be closely related to a wedding venue. Like a canvas and a painter, we collaborate to create a supportive atmosphere for a special day. Wonderland Uluwatu is one of our favorite wedding venues in Bali. In addition to the very friendly staff, Wonderland Uluwatu also has easy access for suppliers to load in and load out,  multiple venues to create any desired wedding look and much more.

Wonderland Uluwatu comes with a unique and natural bohemian look, which works very well with rustic and boho-style decorations, but is also attractive with an elegant and classy decor style. 

When decorating for events at Wonderland Uluwatu, don't forget to expose every interesting spot that you see at the property. You can turn a gazebo into a photo gallery using a fabric photo that will give you a flowy effect when it is exposed to the wind. Then, you can also put a nice photo booth with the cactus garden in the backdrop which makes for some very unique images. Want a floating stage in the pool? Why not! At Wonderland Uluwatu, your options are limitless.

Sweet Bella Project

Apart from having the holy matrimony in a round chapel, you can also use the Wonderland Uluwatu pool with an additional floating stage as a blessing area, then use it again as an area for your bridal table at the dinner.

Adding some decorative lights such as fairy lights and light bulbs will create a very warm and dramatic atmosphere and give you some wonderful wedding pictures at Wonderland Uluwatu. 

We have enjoyed working with Wonderland Uluwatu and are looking forward to working here on our next event.


Sweetbella project is a professional event designer and decoration based in Bali. Specialized in wedding decoration, floral styling, lighting, and flower bouquet. Since 2012, they have helped many couples to create their perfect moment through their designs and make their dream wedding come true. They specialize in customized decorations to give what the client needs and are committed to always providing the best services and flexibility for their clients in preparing for their special moment.

You can reach them at 


If you are looking for a gorgeous cliff-top wedding venue in Bali, check out Wonderland Uluwatu and turn your dream destination wedding into reality.  Contact to find our more.  

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