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Bali Wedding Color Palettes For 2022

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

A reflection space for Bali Wedding

Selecting a weddings' color palette is essential in planning your event’s design. The color you pick will influence the décor you select, from bouquet flowers to the reception table, and it might impact your attire and other elements of the big day. Deciding on a color scheme is not easy. Personal preference, celebration season, wedding theme, and venue appearance can play a role in determining.

Here are 2022 Bali wedding color trends you can expect to see everywhere throughout 2022.

  • Green and Neutral Color Palette

Bali Wedding Color Palettes

In the past, greenery was only frequently used in floral arrangements and bouquets. But now, sage and emerald green are becoming a popular color for 2022 weddings. This wedding color palette will fit into any style, from bridesmaid dresses to wedding décor with hints of blush. It’s rustic and casual, but with a few sophisticated details could be completely transformed into an elegant affair.

  • Sea Glass and Sage

Bali Wedding Color Palettes

As one of the most classic wedding colors, blue is always a staple in many couple palettes and aesthetics. It symbolizes peace and harmony, but dark blue like navy and sapphire will be less present this year as lighter blue tones become a big 2022 wedding color trend, from bridesmaid dresses to wedding invitations and bouquets. The wedding color combination of sea glass and sage will bring your unique beach wedding look to life.

  • Champagne and neutral colors

Bali Wedding Color Palettes

Ivory and champagne hues are neutral and peaceful colors for your wedding. The classic neutral fit anywhere from an elegant outdoor garden wedding to a laid-back beach wedding.

Bali Wedding Color Palettes

  • Terracotta and Rust

Bali Wedding Color Palettes

Dark orange and rust trends are still going strong in 2022. The eye-catching warm hue is especially a perfect color for boho and rustic themes.

  • Bold Jewel Tones

Bali Wedding Color Palettes

You can have Jewel tones in any season, especially in summer. Your Bali wedding takes place. The vibrant and rich shades of jewel tones are perfect for brides who love high style. It also will give you more choices of flowers.

  • Monochromatic

Bali Wedding Color Palettes

The monochromatic color palette will be a special and unexpected choice. By playing with many tones and varieties of the same color, you will be able to make a swoon at your wedding.

We hope the above palette colors help you decide on how your Bali wedding will feel and look.

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