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Bali Wedding Entertainment

Updated: May 18, 2020

Planning a Bali Wedding means an exciting range of possibilities to entertain all your guests. Every guest attending a Bali Destination Wedding is always on the look-out for something different or something new that they haven’t seen in any other weddings. 


Here, we are sharing a few options with you which are sure to make your Bali Destination wedding extra special.

Live band – Bali has some terrific talents available at your disposal. You can choose a local band or even an international one to perform at your wedding.

DJ – Depending on the style of music you are after there are a number of fantastic DJ’s in Bali who can either create a fantastic mood setting playlist to get your party up and dancing all night long.

Drag Queens – looking for something unexpected to surprise your guests?  Bali has some great talents from Baliyonce to Ariana Grande impersonators.  

Orchestra  - Yes, in Bali it is possible to have an entire orchestra play at your wedding. Imagine the orchestra playing at a cliff-top after your ceremony. This is bound to make your guests fall in love with your event.

Magician  - Keep everyone on their toes with some mind boggling magic tricks. If kids make up a significant portion of your guest list, then you cannot go wrong with hiring a magician.

Traditional Balinese Dancers – A touch of tradition can be added to your Bali wedding or Bali event.

Pyrotechnics  - Who doesn't love to see some incredible pyrotechnics.  This is a great treat for most guests as in many countries pyrotechnics is not easily available.

Fireworks  - A Bali dream wedding always includes fireworks.  This creates a memorable experience for you and your guests and also creates some incredible photo opportunities. Try to time your fireworks with perhaps your first kiss as mister and misses or while cutting the cake or as a backdrop to your first dance.

Traditional Kecak Dance – This is a mesmerizing folk talk dance that has a fire element in which a group of men chant and dance.  This is sure to entertain your guests and give them a glimpse into the Balinese culture.

Contemporary dancers  - Add a modern touch with some contemporary dances to entertain your guests. 

Opera Singer – Add a touch of elegance with some of the most powerful voices around.   An opera singer will stun your guests and definitely make your wedding the talk-of-the-town.

Massage Station -  Our personal favourite for a Bali destination wedding! A quick 15  minute foot massage or shoulder massage will be a welcome surprise for your guests.

Tarot reading – Surprise your guests with a Tarot reader.  I’m sure they would never expect this to be at your wedding!


Shisha Bar  – Set up a shisha lounge for your guests to sit around, converse and enjoy some shisha on the cliff top of Wonderland Uluwatu. The Eden garden makes for a perfect setting for an ideal Boho-style Shisha lounge.


Wonderland Uluwatu has many different options for entertainment take a look at our venue plan to see who you would have perform in what locations.  If you are interested in any of the above and would like to plan your Bali destination wedding including some of the above mentioned entertainment options, reach out to us. Or if you have something else in mind, also let us know and maybe we can help arrange that for you. 

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