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Bali Wedding Gift Ideas for Guest

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

As a witness of your special moment, it would be nice to send your guests with something to remember the special day. It can be something small that fits the wedding theme or has special significance to you. However, choosing something made in Bali may be the best choice and a unique way to say a perfect thank you for attending your Bali wedding. Here we have some inspirations for various choices of souvenirs which can be your wedding favors.


Personalized paddle fan

Bali Wedding Gift Ideas for Guest

Bali has a tropical climate, so personalized wedding paddle fans are perfect to keep your guests cool. This simple shape is easy to carry anywhere. You can customize your fans to fit your wedding theme by adding your names and event date or special messages for your guests.

Bali handmade soap

Bali Wedding Gift Ideas for Guest

Home to abundant natural resources, almost all Balinese products are made from natural ingredients. So, why don't you try Bali handmade soap as your wedding favors? Your guests will love to take one home! Made from natural ingredients and influenced by Balinese holistic culture and living, these make a unique and valuable souvenir.

Aromatherapy candle

Bali Wedding Gift Ideas for Guest

Hosting a wedding in a wellness tourist destination, so aromatherapy candles would be the perfect choice for your wedding favors. Let your guests bring the enchanting ambiance of your wedding with aromatherapy candles right into their homes.

Aromatherapy oil package

Bali Wedding Gift Ideas for Guest

The next option is the aromatherapy oil package. Let your guests take home these souvenirs as a beautiful memory of your special day. Let them relax enjoying aromatherapy in their home after attending your wedding.

Customize coffee mugs

Bali Wedding Gift Ideas for Guest

If you are still confused about what souvenir to choose, maybe a coffee mug would be excellent. You can customize this practical souvenir with a design that can remind your guests of your wedding. Put these wedding favors in a box with the tag “Thank you for celebrating our day” or anything else you want.

Carved wooden cups

Bali Wedding Gift Ideas for Guest

Give your guests Carved wooden cups as a treasure to remember your wedding. As you know, Bali is famous for its wooden carving tradition and skills, so send your gratitude with this souvenir.

Customize Mason jar

Bali Wedding Gift Ideas for Guest

A beautiful customised mason jar can be a memorable souvenir. You can also surprise your guest by filling this jar with your favorite jam or candle. It will be a gift well appreciated by your guests.

Custom seed wedding favors

Bali Wedding Gift Ideas for Guest

Flowers are a part of life, so sending your gratitude with an individual seed packed for your guest will be a unique way to say thank you. Your guests will love these eco-friendly favors!

Keychain wedding favors

Bali Wedding Gift Ideas for Guest

A customized keychain with your guests initials would definitely be a memorable token from your Bali wedding.


We hope the above tips inspire you to choose the best souvenir for your Bali wedding. If you are looking for a unique venue in Bali for your destination wedding, contact us at Don’t forget to see more wedding tips on our website at We'd love to help you realize your dream wedding.

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