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Bali Wedding Themes Trending in 2020

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Planning a Bali wedding in 2020? A day as special as your wedding day deserves attention to every detail. So here are some of the most popular themes that are making an impression in the wedding world right now. Choose a theme, take inspiration and make it yours.



You can be as creative as you want with a Bohemian themed wedding - with a non-traditional wedding dress, a colourful flower bouquet, oriental rugs lining the aisle, the options are limitless. Think fringing, macramé, and a wider colour palette with a touch of eccentric to a traditional wedding.



Loved to travel and have stories to share? Your wedding is the perfect place to showcase the treasure of ideas and trinkets that you have collected in all your getaways. A wanderlust themed Bali wedding can be highly personalised - you can use stories from your travels for your invites and thank you notes, your favourite places can be incorporated to your wedding day decor, etc. And you can of course send out boarding passes for seating charts, have travel markers or use maps in multiple ways to tie the entire theme together.


Tropical Opulence

If lush florals are your jam, then this is the best theme for a beautiful Bali wedding with enchanting tropical textures in the lap of nature's magnificent greenery. Think green and think floral. Otherwise known as Tropulence, this theme reflects sophisticated vibe with moody colors, luxurious details, and breathtaking floral designs. Destination wedding at clifftops, beachsides, forest getaways would be ideal for such weddings.


70’s Rock ‘n’ Roll

A theme than never goes out of fashion is the 70’s rock and roll. A hit with music lovers, the 70’s rock and roll decor gives you an enchanting aura of vintage designed weddings enhanced with the beautiful tunes of that era’s music. Think of custom guitar picks as wedding favors and concert ticket themed wedding invites. A plus with this theme is that you can make it as simple or as elaborate as you like.



The simplest and my personal favourite, Rustic decor resonates with barns, vineyards, lace, moss, chalkboards, mason jars, mismatched furniture and fairy lights. The options with rustic are countless and can be adapted to suit you and your partner's personal tastes. But one thing that according to me is a must for a rustic wedding is a beautiful naked Cake as the centre-piece to tie the entire event together. You can check out some of the top bakeries in Bali who can make you your dream cake here.



A vintage inspired wedding brings to life the romance of a bygone era. Nestled in nostalgia, a vintage wedding can give you some of the most beautiful backdrops for your wedding day. While you can play around with the colour board for a vintage themed wedding, it would be best to stick with neutral and pastel palettes such as blush, mint green, light blue, ivory, or gray. These colours create a soft vintage aesthetic which instantly transports you to an antiquated era. Incorporate the vintage theme right from laced wedding cards to antique candelabras and a handsome vintage car to swoosh you away after the end of the event.


So get your thinking caps on and choose the theme that resonates most with you. Make your Bali wedding an event to remember for you and your loved ones. If you are looking for a gorgeous cliff-top wedding venue in Bali, check out Wonderland Uluwatu and turn your dream wedding into reality. Read why Wonderland Uluwatu is ideal for your wedding here.

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