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Here’s why you will love Wonderland Uluwatu

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Wonderland Uluwatu

While we have heard thousands of reasons why Wonderland Uluwatu is a great spot for every occasion and celebration, here are the top 10 reasons we have heard multiple times from our guests!


The unbeatable view 

With 110m of cliff-edge overlooking the Indian Ocean, Wonderland Uluwatu has one of the most gorgeous views of the white sandy beaches and the blue oceans.


The potential for everything 

With 1 hectare of land designed craft-fully, Wonderland Uluwatu can be revamped for any event style and decor theme. Whether you are looking for a date for two at Eden Garden or a grand celebration over-taking the entire property, your options are limitless.


Unique experience for each and every one

At Wonderland Uluwatu, your options are limitless. Every event and Bali wedding can be designed keeping in mind your preferences and tastes and styles in mind. Starting from where the guests will enter, where to set up the buffet, the spot for your first dance to where you will exchange your vows, everything can be customised making each event unique from another.


Almost no restrictions

Wonderland Uluwatu was created keeping in mind the needs of the host and the planners. We don’t want to bog our guests with rules and restrictions. Therefore, only regulations that ensure the safety of the property and guests are enforced. Planners are free to organize tents, lights, fireworks, decor pieces and whatever else that the client wants.


Everyone’s welcome

At Wonderland Uluwatu, you can work with any vendor of your choice. You can choose your event planner, your caterers, your decorators and your entertainment. Pick and choose vendors that fit your style and budget. Don't worry if you don't know where to start we can help recommend some of Bali's best suppliers.


A peaceful night’s sleep

Nothing is more crucial than a good night’s sleep before your big day. No one likes falling asleep the night before their wedding to the clunk and bang of suppliers setting up lighting or waking up to sound check on their wedding day! Having your celebration at an events space ensures that you can rest well at your villa the night before without being disturbed by suppliers and vendors getting ready for your big day. It’s also great to leave the mess behind. Nothing is worse than a large group using one or two toilets all night!  Go home to a clean and comfortable villa after celebrating at Wonderland Uluwatu.


Access to multiple bathrooms

At Wonderland Uluwatu, guests are loving access to our multiple and tastefully designed guest bathrooms. Your guests will love not spending the night waiting in line when they could be on the dance floor!


No hidden fees

We only ask for the booking price and government fees. There are no hidden event fees or cleaning fees in the contract. You will know exactly what you pay for and how much your pay for before confirming your booking.

For all these reasons and more, Wonderland Uluwatu is the perfect place to celebrate any occasion big or small with your friends, family and loved ones. If you are looking to turn your dream day into a reality, explore your options at Wonderland Uluwatu - Bali’s newest wedding and events space. Find out more at


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