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Bali Wedding Tips: How to Entertain Kids and Make Your Special Day Fun for Everyone

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Planning a destination wedding in Bali comes with its own set of considerations, including how to ensure that all of your guests, including children, have a memorable and enjoyable experience. Bali offers a wealth of activities and attractions suitable for kids, allowing you to incorporate child-friendly entertainment into your wedding festivities. Here are some practical tips and ideas to entertain kids at your Bali wedding, ensuring a joyful celebration for everyone involved.

A decoration for kid party

Kid-Friendly Accommodations:

When choosing accommodations for your wedding guests with children, opt for family-friendly resorts or villas that offer amenities specifically designed for kids. Look for properties that have spacious rooms or connecting suites, swimming pools with shallow areas for safe play, and playrooms or kids' clubs where little ones can engage in age-appropriate activities.

A comfortable space for kids activity

Designated Kids' Area:

Create a designated kids' area at your wedding to keep the young ones entertained throughout the celebration. Set up a separate space with age-appropriate games, activities, and crafts. Consider including a coloring station, a small inflatable play area, or a supervised playground. Bali has many wonderful suppliers that will keep the children entertained for hours. This will provide parents with peace of mind and allow them to enjoy the festivities while their children have a great time.

The facilities for the kids

Professional Childcare Services:

Consider hiring professional childcare services to supervise and entertain children during your wedding day. This will ensure that kids are engaged and well taken care of, allowing parents to relax and enjoy the celebration. Look for reputable childcare providers or ask your wedding planner for recommendations. These professionals can organize age-appropriate activities, games, and even provide special meals for the kids.

Kids' Menu and Food Stations:

Offer a kids' menu or food stations with child-friendly options to cater to their tastes and preferences. Include familiar and nutritious choices such as mini sandwiches, pasta, chicken nuggets, fruit skewers, and ice cream. Having a variety of options ensures that even the pickiest eaters are satisfied. Don't forget to check for any dietary restrictions or allergies among the children beforehand.

The baloon decor on the pool

Engaging Entertainment: Provide entertainment that captures the imagination and engages the kids. Consider hiring professional entertainers, such as magicians, balloon artists, face painters, or even a children's storyteller. These interactive activities will keep the children entertained and create a joyful atmosphere for everyone. Personalized Activity Packs: Prepare personalized activity packs for each child attending the wedding. Include coloring books, puzzles, stickers, and small toys that match the wedding theme. This thoughtful gesture will not only keep the kids engaged but also make them feel included and special on your big day.

Ensuring that kids are entertained and happy during your Bali wedding is an essential aspect of creating a joyful celebration for everyone involved. By incorporating kid-friendly accommodations, designated play areas, professional childcare services, engaging entertainment and personalized activity packs, you can create a memorable experience for the little ones. With careful planning and consideration, your Bali wedding will be an enjoyable and inclusive event that delights guests of all ages.

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