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Choosing a Bali Wedding Dress

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

If you are planning a Bali wedding then this is the perfect article for you. A wedding comes with a lot of decisions to make and when it’s a destination wedding, these decisions become even more difficult because of many factors.

So if you are planning a destination wedding in Bali and are deciding on your wedding dress, then we have got some perfect tips for you. We reached out to the popular bridal fashion designer, CIZZY Bridal to get some insider tips on choosing the right wedding outfit.

Bali Wedding Dress tips for Summer weddings

  • Go for a relaxed, low maintenance vibe - think of the holidays while picking your dress

  • Detachable sleeves and detachable overskirts - You will get 2 looks in one. Having detachable elements is great for humid/hot tropical destinations like Bali.

  • Prefer an open neckline, thin straps for that perfect summer vibe.

  • Consider a backless design so the dress is always breathable in the tropical climate.

Factors to watch out for while picking a dress

  • Thick sleeves - bride will be too hot in thick tight sleeves. If you would like to have sleeves for some part of the event, then opt for detachable sleeves.

  • Closed necklines/high necklines/ closed back designs - dresses should be breathable for tropical weather. You don’t want to feel sweaty and claustrophobic in your wedding dress.

  • Heavy trains - you are likely to be walking around a lot at open wedding venues. Heavy trains could potentially become a burden to carry around.

2022 Popular Wedding Dress styles

Bridesmaids and their dresses

  • Sage/ mint green coloured bridesmaids dresses are looking very popular for 2022

  • Casual slip dresses are always going to make the bridesmaid feel comfortable and look elegant

  • If you are in doubt, you can never go wrong with blue bridesmaids dresses either for Bali Weddings

  • Hair accessories with natural flowers or local elements that match the wedding vibe will look great.

Hope these tips from Cizzy bridal will be useful for your wedding planning. CIZZY BRIDAL AUSTRALIA started as a family business in 2009. Cizzy Bridal Australia is still based in its hometown of Perth, Western Australia. The Australian wedding dress supplier’s popularity quickly spread throughout the country, fast becoming one of the most well recognised suppliers in Australia and internationally. Cizzys Bridals affordable, customisable and made-to-measure gowns is what sets the company apart from others- Cizzy has provided luxury designs for every type of bride, and at an attainable price point too. 

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Contact number: 0452 235 868

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If you are looking for more wedding planning tips, check out our other blogs here. If you would like to visit our cliff-top wedding venue for a site visit, email at and we will be happy to show you around!

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