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Tips for Hair & Makeup when planning or attending a Bali wedding

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

At a wedding, your hair and make-up require special attention whether you are a guest or the bride/groom. So we reached out to the popular Shampoo Lounge in Bali and asked them for some tips that can help you look gorgeous during the entire event at a Bali destination wedding.

Tips for Hair & Makeup

Everyone agrees that Bali is a wonderful island wedding destination, whether you’re in it for the sweeping ocean views, tropical lush rainforest or gorgeous rice field views. However due to the humidity & heat, here are some basic tips for looking your best while attending a party or celebrating your wedding. 

If you’re a wedding guest:

1.  Hair Up or Half Up-Do. The weather is almost always hot & humid so it’s best to have your hair done in a messy bun or braids to get it away from your face, either in an Updo or Half Up- Do.

2. Respect the Bride’s color palette. When possible, find out the color pallete and balance your outfit & makeup that go well with it.

Tips for Hair & Makeup

3. Go easy on the makeup but create drama on your eyes by having a lash extension, lash lift or applying coats of waterproof mascara. Leave the rest of your makeup radiantly soft and sunkissed. 

4. Stash in your purse: lip stain [avoid gloss as the wind makes it icky], face mist and a tiny hair spray, that should help to make your makeup and hair-do looking fresh all day even in the outdoors.

If you’re the Bride:

1. Don’t put on so much makeup as it’ll look cakey in no time in this heat, instead use all non-oily makeup on your wedding day and let the humidity give you a nice natural glow.

2. Be careful with body makeup such as self-tanners, glow lotions and lipstick as you'll be hugging and kissing a lot of people. I suggest using a lip stain and balm just to keep your pout moist and sexy all day.

Tips for Hair & Makeup

3. If you plan to cut or color your hair, please don’t do it too close to your wedding day. Try it a month before so your hair has a chance to settle and whatever problems or adjustments that need to be done can still be done in a timely manner before your big day.

4. On your special day please don’t wash your hair, as day old hair is easier to be styled and holds the coiffeur much better than freshly washed hair. I suggest my clients start prepping their hair a few months before with continuous use of hair masks and having treatments so their hair will look their best on their wedding day.

5. For outdoor weddings, there are certain hairstyles that might not be suitable if there’s plenty of wind. You don’t want your hair to fly all over your face especially when you’re trying to have your photograph taken. If you’re set on having your hair down, please always face the wind so your hair won’t blow on your face during the ceremony. Pulled back style makes it more weather-friendly and still look very elegant.

6. If your wedding is at the beach or in the outdoors, you want to prep and protect yours and your partner’s skin. Make sure both of you wear moisturizer and sunscreen to avoid getting sunburnt on your big day. Some foundations include sunscreen which can help avoid having too many layers on your skin while protecting it.

Tips for Hair & Makeup

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