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Hot Wedding Trends for Bali Weddings

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Hot Wedding Trends for Bali Weddings

Every bride wants to make her big day to be perfect, fashionable and have an element of surprise. So hours and hours of planning and discussion goes into getting all the small details right on the Wedding Day. Here, we have picked some of the hottest wedding trends in the market right now for you. These wedding ideas are taking the industry by storm and if they resonate with you, why not include it in your big day. Make your Bali wedding an event to remember for all your friends and family.


Hot Wedding Trends for Bali Weddings

Sustainable weddings


Eco-friendly weddings are the biggest trend this year. Weddings can be very taxing on the environment and with time, more and more couples are making a mindful effort to plan and organize sustainable weddings. Starting from opting for paperless invites, to supporting local vendors for catering and decor, using environmentally-friendly brands for wedding shopping and even requesting for donations to preferred charities instead of traditional wedding gifts is becoming a norm. And with the Royal weddings taking a more sustainable approach to weddings this year, this trend is definitely on the rise.

Couples can also opt for venues in Bali that practice sustainability and will help in organising and designing an eco-friendly Bali wedding. Speak to your planner about this and they will be sure to help.


Hot Wedding Trends for Bali Weddings

Wedding cakes are here to stay


Large, over-the-top wedding cakes are back to stay. Couples are going all out with gorgeous and dramatic 3 tier cakes. Bakers and caterers are also experimenting with designs and focusing on creating eye-catching cake installations. The trend is moving away from cake-pops, donut walls and the likes and is gearing towards making the cake a statement centerpiece which reflects the style of the couple and is in line with the wedding decor.


Wedding Hashtags


Social media, specifically Instagram is not only revolutionizing the business world, but it’s also changing the way weddings are remembered and recorded. If you and your guests are social media friendly, create a creative #hashtag and include it on everything from your invites to thank you notes, menus and even as decor props. Your guests can use the hashtag to post images, stories, tweets, etc. This is a great way to involve your guests to make, share and save all behind-the-scene wedding memories. A few weeks down the line from the wedding, these memories will be a treat to look at for the married couple as well as close friends and family.


Adding the Personal Touch


Welcome baskets & wedding favors are now going out of trend. Time and again, expensive wedding favors or presents get left behind in the hotel room; instead switch to hand-written notes, a bottle of wine or even arrange to send photo keepsakes from your Bali wedding after the event is over. Personalizing your Bali wedding and making it your own is what will make your day different from all the other weddings around you. You wedding should reflect you and your partner.


Hot Wedding Trends for Bali Weddings

Bold colour palettes


Current trends are moving away from the traditional wedding palette towards a more bright and bold colour pattern. Couples are now opting for themes and colours which break away from the usual creams and whites. More adventurous colour options and combinations are taking over the Bali wedding scene. Living Coral, which is the Pantone Colour of the Year 2019, along with colours such as mint, blush, champagne create a refreshing and unexpected atmosphere at a destination wedding.


Hot Wedding Trends for Bali Weddings

Guests come first.


Weddings today are not just about the bride and the groom. It’s important to create a day that is memorable for each and every guest. This becomes especially important when you are planning a destination wedding and guests are traveling all the way just for your big day. A little more time should be invested in planning and organizing events and activities for guests that come to attend your Bali wedding. Maybe, instead of splurging on a welcome basket, you can arrange a half-day guided city tour for all guests which gives them a chance to explore the beautiful island where you will say your ‘I-do’s’ or even a pool brunch at a villa before your big day is a great way to catch up with all your guests.

Wedding trends, like fashion changes from season to season. New trends come in, old trends are replaced. What is important that every thing at your wedding should resonate with you and your partner. It should mean something to both of you as well as reflect your personalities. If you like a trend, include it but if you don’t like it, don’t be shy to do away with it. Make your Bali wedding uniquely yours.


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