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How to budget for a Destination Wedding in Bali?

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

budget for a Destination Wedding in Bali
While it’s true that a Bali wedding can be much cheaper as compared to weddings back home. But the fact of the matter is that a Bali wedding still costs money and with so many options It’s easy to get carried away while making bookings and selecting the items you want. Therefore, it’s important to be alert and ask the right questions before you make any final decisions when planning your Bali Wedding. Below, we are sharing some pointers which will help you stick to your budget and have the Bali wedding of your dreams.


Prioritize your spending

Have the talk. Discuss with your partner how much you both are willing to spend. Once you have the big number in front of you, decide where most of the money will go. Talk about the must-haves and don’t compromise on that. It is your wedding day after all, and you don’t want to regret on skimping on the important things later. Spend lavishly on things that directly affect your guests experience rather than minor details which can be overlooked. Discuss your budget with your wedding planner - they will be able to keep you within your budget and get you the most out of your money’s worth.


budget for a Destination Wedding in Bali

Plan your guest list

You don’t want to leave out any of your close friends or family but you also want to ensure that your guest list doesn’t get too long. Every additional guest will cost you for food, wine, cake and invites. Make sure to check your list twice to ensure you have only invited people without whom you cannot imagine your wedding day.


Find the best way to pay overseas and research your taxes

Research on how you can get the most out of your money when paying overseas. Perhaps invest in credit cards that give you cash backs or perks for foreign spending. Research about local fees and taxes. Keep them in mind when budgeting for your wedding. For example, Bali wedding venues add a Banjar fee which is issued by local authorities and is over and above the taxes.


budget for a Destination Wedding in Bali

Go Local

Sourcing local food, wines and flowers can save you a lot of money when planning a Bali wedding. If you are flexible about your options, find local vendors who can source local items for you. The more items that you try to source from outside cities or international importation , the more your cost will go up. Also, keep in mind that yours guests will enjoy and appreciate the local flavour at your wedding.


Weekdays are just as good as weekends when it comes to destination weddings.

Most villas and wedding venues in Bali offer different rates for weekday and weekend weddings. All your guests are already on holiday for your destination wedding so why not save a few bucks by hosting your wedding on Thursday instead of a Saturday? This way you are also more likely to get a better deal on vendors as well as your travel fare.


budget for a Destination Wedding in Bali

Choose your wedding month and don’t be afraid of rain

Bali’s dry season, between April and October is undoubtedly the most popular time for weddings on the island. But that is also the time for school holidays and an increase in tourist influx so prices are on a rise. If you are on a tight budget, you could opt for months when it is less likely to rain. Your wedding planner will be able to help you prepare for unexpected rains with marquees and other rain-friendly decor options. And if you like the dramatic side of things, you can maybe have a rain party! Also, photoshoots in the rain will make for some stunning wedding portraits. Bali’s wet season is also when you get the famous incredible pink sunsets!


Give your budget a little wriggle room and be open.

Account for unexpected expenses. Planning a Bali wedding means making thousands of small decisions each day leading up to your wedding day. Sometimes unplanned expenses pop up and there is no way around them, so be prepared for this uncertainty. Also, when you are planning a bali wedding on a budget, be open to ideas. The more you fixate on having something one particular way (a set wedding date or one kind of flowers, etc), the less open you are to seeing other economical options.

So while a Bali wedding can be much cheaper than a wedding in your hometown, if it’s not managed so well it could also be a costly wedding. With the right planning, prioritising and researching, you can create your perfect Bali wedding which is within your budget.

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