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How to keep kids entertained during your wedding

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Planning a kids-friendly wedding is important but not an easy task. For most couples, a wedding involves lots of family, and kids play an important role in the joyous moment of any wedding. Kids bring a warmth that can make the reception much more fun and memorable. However, the reality of any wedding is that it can be a long and potentially a dull experience for most kids. You need to consider ways to keep kids entertained at a wedding and give their parents a chance to let their hair down at the reception.

With the right games and activities, your little guests can be kept entertained and have as much fun at the wedding as the adults. Here are 10 ideas to keep the little ones engaged and be part of your Bali Wedding.


Wedding coloring page

keep kids entertained during wedding

One of the activities that might be familiar to kids is a coloring book. So, keep their little hands busy with amusement. It can keep them quiet during the reception as well as speeches. As a welcoming gift, hand your little guests a goody bag including items such as custom coloring books and crayons. You can also add more items such as kid-friendly snacks like chocolates and juice boxes.

Arts and crafts station

keep kids entertained during wedding

Bali is known for its arts and crafts produce. So, an arts and crafts station at your reception is perfect for kids. Let them explore and make creative masterpieces. Pottery painting might be one of the best options for Bali weddings, they can have custom-made take-home presents by painting a clay pot. In addition, for easy crafts, you can put some folding papers, beads, crayons, or other craft supplies that will keep their imagination going.

Kids Table

keep kids entertained during wedding

When planning the kids tables, consider how many kids will attend and how old the kids are. If there are several children of the same age or they’re old enough, you can make it more fun by seating them all together. Add some games or craft tools on their table. If possible, have a separate attendant for kids tables so that they are well taken care of.


keep kids entertained during wedding

Photobooth will be a fun and entertaining moment for kids. Make sure that the area has unique decorations. Stock your photo booth with tons of dress-up items and photo props like funny hats, and mustache property. Don’t forget to ask the attendees to choose several varieties of fun props and create wonderful memories on your special day.

Kid-friendly food and drink

keep kids entertained during wedding

Kids love to eat and drink. Provide some kid-friendly beverages for them. They love sweets that taste like milk, chocolate, vanilla, and fruity. Milkshakes and Fresh-squeezed lemonades are great options.

Furthermore, refueling them with snacks and desserts is important. Make sure to include at least one appetizer your little guests will love. Cookies, cupcakes, marshmallows, and even an ice-cream station will keep them entertained and make the event memorable for them.

Outdoor games

keep kids entertained during wedding

Kids love games, so if you are having a reception in an outdoor-venue that has a garden, you can provide old-school outdoor games. Games such as hopscotch, lawn bowling, Twister, outdoor Jenga, and Connect4 are perfect options to keep the little guests engaged. Skipping ropes and hula-hoops are also a great option for keeping them occupied.

Magician for kids

keep kids entertained during wedding

Consider hiring a magician to keep the kids busy and away from the main event. Having a magician at your wedding is a great ice-breaker for kids and keeps them thoroughly entertained.

Balinese children’s traditional dance

keep kids entertained during wedding

Add kids’ Balinese dancers for entertainment. Balinese children are accomplished, charming, and extraordinary. Brings pride and a good show can be enjoyed by kids and all guests.


keep kids entertained during wedding

Bali has many folk stories. Hire a storyteller to keep the kids engaged and busy during the ceremony.

Bubble station

keep kids entertained during wedding

Kids love blowing bubbles! This is a fantastic entertainment idea for kids where they can have their individual bubble blowers and easily refill them on their own. The bubbles can also add to your wedding décor and make for great pictures.


We hope the above tips help you create a kids friendly wedding. No matter how you decide to include kids in your wedding, there’s no doubt their little hearts will be filled with love. For more wedding inspiration please visit our blog at If you are looking for an outdoor wedding venue to plan your Bali Wedding, check out Wonderland Uluwatu and reach us at for more information.

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