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Pet Friendly Weddings in Bali

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Pet Friendly Weddings in Bali

Planning to involve your dog at your wedding? Now that’s an idea! As a dog lover, you’d want your furry friend to be a witness or participant in your big day. Give it a try to make him a ring bearer or to accompany you down the aisle, even simply as your honored guest. Believe us, your furry friend will make your wedding memorable and fun.

But having your dog at a wedding ceremony requires special handling and consideration. Firstly, check the rules on pets at weddings. Not all venues are pet-friendly, so ask your venue if your dog would be welcome. An outdoor setting is often the best choice. We looked at the top information to help you prepare your Bali wedding dog. And here are some tips for having a happy wedding pet.

  • Attention to the environment Prepare the best environment for your dog by providing him a cozy venue with a little den. Don’t forget to bring his favorite toy to help him settle and relax in an exciting situation. Make sure your dog always has easy access to water.

  • Inform your attendants about your dog Let your guests and vendors know that your dog will be present during the day. This can help prepare them, especially for people who are not familiar with having pets at the wedding. Naturally, this will also allow parents to prepare their kids in advance.

  • Training your dog Try to include dog training in your wedding plans. Some guests may interact with your dog by touching or petting him. So teaching him skills like settling, polite meetings, food matter, and self-control would help him stay calm and enjoy during your special day. These practices will give your dog a perfect personality. There are lots of dog training tutorials on the internet that you can use, or you can even hire a professional dog trainer.

  • Give your pup a special title Dogs are one of your best friends, right? So make sure your furry friend has a special treat on your special day, and let him see you shine on that happy day. In advance, reserve him a spot next to you at the altar.

  • Let him walk you down the aisle Walk with joy and pride, let your dog have a special role as a ring bearer. All guests will gush over the sweetness and many squeals will ensue.

  • Dress up your furry friend Dress up your dog with a beautiful tux or a dress so your guests will be enchanted by his adorableness. Coordinate your matching outfit to create a good photo op on your wedding day. And if your dog isn’t a fan of dressing, you can attach a small bow tie to his collar.

Pet Friendly Weddings in Bali

We hope the tips above can help you create your perfect Bali wedding with your pets. If you are looking for a stunning cliff-top venue for your wedding or another event, then Wonderland Uluwatu would be the perfect choice. Please visit our website at for more wedding inspirations. If you have any questions about your Bali wedding, feel free to contact us at

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