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Chroma Wedding - Planning a Wonderland Uluwatu Wedding

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Wonderland Uluwatu has reached out to some of Bali’s top wedding planners and asked for their tips on how to plan the perfect Bali wedding at Wonderland Uluwatu.

Chroma Wedding

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Wedding planner : Chroma Wedding

Instagram @baliweddingplanner

Mobile / whatsapp: +62 81218620300


Discovering the wedding venue that suits your tastes, dreams and budget isn’t easy.You will surely fall in love at first sight with The Joglo, which is an icon at Wonderland Uluwatu as a venue for weddings or the grandeur of the wedding tent at the pool, which is accompanied by the beauty of the sunset.

The staff at Wonderland Uluwatu will help you realize your dream wedding day. You should consult with an expert wedding planner to organize your day at Wonderland Uluwatu because with three unique venues, namely The Joglo, The Pool and The Point, the potential is unlimited. These three places have their own beauty which is very tricky if you have a special concept, besides that, these three locations have different sizes, which can be applied to the capacity of your guests.

Talk directly to a wedding planner expert who has a lot of experience arranging and planning a wedding day at Wonderland Uluwatu, then your wedding day will be an experience that will not be forgotten

If you want to experience what your guests will feel on your wedding day, you should inspect at 4 pm, so that you understand what your guests feel in the venue. Which one is your favorite among the three choice places? Whatever your choice, for sure, your guests will be surprised to see the beauty of Wonderland Uluwatu.

Also, you should consult with the venue director or your wedding planner to find out more about what is included in the venue usage agreement. Some sample questions are, when does the party end? How much is the permit price from the local village? What is the curfew?

Wonderland Uluwatu requires every client to provide their own electricity during rentals for weddings. Use this additional electricity to turn on the lights so that the decorations look more beautiful, turn on the sound system so that the music of the band and the DJ you hire sounds awesome.

For further consultations, you may reach out to Milka, our Chroma Wedding Planner expert (

or Instagram @baliweddingplanner


If you are looking for a gorgeous cliff-top wedding venue in Bali, check out Wonderland Uluwatu and turn your dream destination wedding into reality. Contact to find our more.

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