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Rescheduling your Destination Wedding during Covid

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

If you were planning to be a 2020 bride and have found yourself grappling with the current Covid Situation trying to understand how to reschedule or plan your destination wedding, then here we have some tips for you.

Rescheduling your Destination Wedding during Covid

First and foremost, Breath. It’s all going to be okay. You have faced some road bumps on the journey but eventually you will find a way to make your special day memorable for you and your partner. In the current situation, for the safety of you and your guests, it may be advisable for you to postpone your wedding to ensure that you are not endangering anyone. Below are some suggestions you can consider while postponing your wedding.

  • Inform your planner as soon as possible.

Rescheduling your Destination Wedding during Covid

As soon as you decide to postpone your wedding date, inform your wedding planner immediately. This way they can inform all the vendors and start making alternate arrangements like finding another date and informing your guests as soon as possible. If you haven’t hired a wedding planner yet, then inform all your booked vendors. Most of them will be going through a similar situation with their other clients and will be able to guide you through what comes next.

  • Inform your guests and answer any questions that they may have

Rescheduling your Destination Wedding during Covid

Before you inform your guests, make sure you have answers to all their potential questions. You can reach out to them via emails, whatsapp or even through personal phone calls.

  • Reach out to your Insurance company

If you did insure your wedding, reach out to your agent and see if there is any way they can help you with refunds and if some part of the wedding event is covered.

  • Try to find another date

Speak to your planner/vendors and try to find another date that works for everyone. Don’t be stressed if your first choice isn’t available. Be flexible and open to all days of the week. You might even find better deals for weekday weddings. Remember, everyone is trying the best to be as accommodating as they can be and you will find a date that works for all.

  • Celebrate your original wedding date

Rescheduling your Destination Wedding during Covid

When your previously booked wedding date does show up on the calendar, make it special and memorable. You may not have had the chance to get married on your chosen date but you can still make the day worth remembering. Plan a date night at home or cook a special meal and remember that this will all be worth it at the end.


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