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The new normal for Weddings in 2022

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Now that the world is learning to enjoy and celebrate again while handling the covid pandemic and taking appropriate precautions, the wedding industry is again seeing a boom.

new normal Weddings

All couples who were scheduled or were planning to get married in 2020 and 2021, were forced to reconsider new dates and postpone their celebrations to a later time. Now that most people are vaccinated and the world is slowly beginning to open up, everyone who was waiting to get married is now booking dates and venues for their 2022 weddings. While some are planning the whole traditional wedding with a ceremony and a reception, others who have already exchanged their vows in a mini-ceremony or a civil ceremony are now celebrating their one year anniversaries with all their families and friends.

The pandemic has definitely shifted priorities for these couples and has changed the way brides and grooms are planning their weddings.


  • Guests lists are compact

new normal Weddings

Guest lists are definitely being shorter and more tight knit. Especially when it comes to destination weddings, couples are limiting their guest lists to their nearest and dearest. This will allow them to spend more of their wedding budget to ensure that the guests who do become a part of their wedding celebrations are properly taken care of and have a wonderful time.

  • Priority is shifting from Pinterest board weddings to personalized weddings

new normal Weddings

Couples are now prioritizing weddings which reflect their story and personality more than any pinterest board weddings. Earlier wedding checklists included items such as grand entrance, particular kind of shoes, or a 5 tier wedding cake, a particular colour for all wedding decor, flowers from a certain region, exotic fruits, etc. and these were essential items in wedding planning for the bride and the groom will now take a back seat. Couples will prioritize creating an experience and memory for their guests and themselves which will ensure everyone can celebrate together and enjoy themselves.

  • Outdoors weddings venues are taking the prize

new normal Weddings

Fear of the pandemic and keeping in line with safety guidelines, more couples are opting for open outdoor weddings where guests can maintain social distance as well as enjoy the celebrations.

  • Attention to the wedding experience and not just the event

new normal Weddings

Couples are relishing the opportunity to gather friends and family together after a long break. Hence, more attention is being paid to the entire wedding trip. Couples are now focusing more on hospitality of all the guests for the entire duration of their trip rather than just their wedding event. This means taking extra effort in terms of welcome baskets, hotel selections, wedding favours and more.

  • Social distancing and sanitization will remain a priority

new normal Weddings

The one thing that the pandemic has taught us is that it’s best to be careful and cautious. Guidelines such as double vaccinations, social distancing, minimum contact when it comes to buffets and common areas will remain a priority. Sanitizers and facemasks will definitely be part of all wedding themes and planning.

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