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Tips for attending A Bali Destination Wedding?

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Here is all you need to know before visiting the Island of Gods.

Tips for attending A Bali Destination Wedding

Your best friends are saying “I do” on the beautiful island of Bali and you want to make the most of your trip. Here is all that you need to know about travelling to the island for a Bali wedding.


Tips for attending A Bali Destination Wedding


The good news is that coming to Bali for a short period of time doesn’t include visa hassles for most passports. You can get a free 30 day visa on arrival if you show a return ticket at immigration. Check the requirements for your specific country so that you don’t face any unforeseen hiccups.


Tips for attending A Bali Destination Wedding

Getting around

There are multiple options to move around in Bali. You can hire a moped or a bike for shorter distances but if you are not comfortable with riding, you can also use Gojek or Grab. You just have to download the app and book a cab or even get picked up on a motorbike. Full day vehicles with drivers are also easily available. You can speak to your host, the wedding planner or your hotel reception and they will be able to arrange something for you.


Tips for attending A Bali Destination Wedding

Avoiding the Bali Belly

While hygiene standards have improved on the island, be wary of street food and unfiltered water. You don’t want to miss your best friend’s wedding because of Bali Belly. Try to stay hydrated and drink only bottled or filtered water. Avoid ice or under cooked meats at budget restaurants. Also, try to avoid eating cut fruits that have been sitting out for long. Eat at popular places and choose well cooked food over raw meals. It's a good idea to have some activated charcoal with you just incase you do get the dreaded Bali Belly.


Tips for attending A Bali Destination Wedding

Packing Bali essentials

Don’t forget packing these essentials :

- Mosquito repellent sprays or lotions - It's always a good idea incase you end up in an area with moquitos.

- Adapter - You don't want a switched off phone when your best friends are saying their vows against the beautiful backdrop of Bali.

- Waterproof sunscreen - This is definitely your Bali essential - with beach clubs, cliff tops and a bright sun, you will be glad you carried this along.

- Activated Charcoal tablets - While these are available in Bali, you will be glad you carried these if you do have to face an upset stomach situation and are in the middle of the wedding.

- Travel Insurance - It’s always smarter to be careful and carry the right Travel insurance anytime and anywhere you travel.


Tips for attending A Bali Destination Wedding

What to wear for a Bali Wedding

A Bali wedding is the perfect opportunity to experiment with your outfits. Unless otherwise specified by the bride and the groom, Bali wedding dress codes are usually casual, breezy and relaxed. Focus on light clothing for the wedding. Think breezy dresses or linen skirts, off shoulders and halter necks. Bali weddings are not always heel friendly. Opt for comfortable flats, wedges or low heels. And, always carry a swimming costume with you when you are in Bali.


Tips for attending A Bali Destination Wedding

Areas to visit in Bali

Irrespective of where the Bali wedding is being held, you don’t want to go back without seeing some of Bali’s most popular spots. After the wedding festivities are over, choose to spend a few days visiting the rice fields and temples in Ubud, enjoy the nightlife and eateries in Seminyak, enjoy surfing, the white sand beaches and gorgeous clifftop sunsets in Uluwatu and if time permits visit the nearby islands for some vibrant scenery.


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