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Tips to remember before you start planning your destination wedding

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

A destination wedding can be one of the best decisions of your life. But one has to remember the work that goes behind in making a destination wedding come alive. Below we have listed some pointers which we believe will make planning your destination wedding easier and more fun for all involved.

1. Choose a memorable destination

The ceremony at The Point Wonderland Uluwatu

In a destination wedding, your wedding location will set the tone for everything else - your guest list, your decor, your dress, and your budget. Choose a spot that means something to both of you and reflects your personality.

2. Advance notice

Tips to start destination wedding

Make sure you inform the bridal party well in advance that you are planning a destination wedding. You want to give your guests time to be able to manage their finances and work so that they can attend your wedding. Don’t spring this news to them in the last second and expect them to show up.

3. Planning trip

Tips to start destination wedding

If you are planning a wedding in a city that you are not familiar with, make sure you visit the venue and meet with all vendors at least a few times while planning for your special day. You want to personally meet and finalize all your vendors. Don’t assume that everything can be taken care of over the phone. If you can’t travel multiple times, make sure you atleast go once so that there are no surprises for you on the big day.

4. Get a wedding planner

The ceremony at The Joglo Wonderland Uluwatu

A destination wedding is no easy feat and you definitely don’t want to do it without a wedding planner. A wedding planner will be your eyes and ears on the ground and will help you get all things in order at the destination while you are away at home. A local wedding planner can definitely be helpful in case of logistics, finding the right vendors, resolving any language barriers, getting better deals as well as solving last minute crises as they are familiar with the city.

5. Find out the local customs

Tips to start destination wedding

Every city has their own rules and regulations. For example, Bali wedding events have to abide by the local banjar laws and also pay a Banjar fees. So make sure you find out all about the local government rules and regulations to get married at your preferred destination.

6. Budget and Budget well!

Tips to start destination wedding

A destination wedding budget can go both ways. It can prove to be cheaper sometimes but it can also go over the top. Hidden charges as well as unfamiliarity with the location and assuming that things are cheaper than what they really are can result in over spending. So plan your budget accordingly and stick to it!

11. Dresses and Make-up

Tips to start destination wedding

Make sure you and your bridal party dress appropriately according to the wedding location. If you are planning a beach wedding, you don’t want to go too heavy on the make up or shop for wedding heels. Similarly, make sure your bridal party is also comfortable in whatever they have to wear. You don’t want your friends uncomfortable and unable to enjoy your special day with you.

12. Inform your guests

Tips to start destination wedding

Once you have the final count of guests, make sure you give them all the information about the destination. From flight options, to hotel stays, weather details, local tourist attractions and emergency contact details of your planner or coordinator. Arrange welcome kits and gifts for them which will be handy during their trip to your wedding.


With the right planning and some help from your wedding planner, you can create your perfect destination wedding which is within your budget.

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