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What is the cost of a Bali wedding?

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

This is probably the first question that pops in your head when you are considering a destination wedding in Bali. While this question is not so easy to answer and has many facets, we have tried to break it down for you.



the cost of a Bali wedding

If your dream Bali wedding is in a 5 star luxury hotel then it’s going to come with a $$$$$ price tag. But at the other end of the scale you can do a simple ceremony on the beach with a few close friends for a very small budget. Bali has enough options to suit every imagination. What is crucial is to be realistic about your expectations in comparison to your budget.



the cost of a Bali wedding

Whether you opt for a 5 course gala dinner with an open bar or sway to the more traditional side and arrange a local indonesian buffet, both options have the potential to wow your guests and mean very different things for your wallet. Prices tend to start from around $40 per person up to a few hundred.



the cost of a Bali wedding

The cost of decoration at a wedding is such that there is no upper limit to it. You, your partner and your planner have to consciously decide a limit and stick to it. The advantage with a Bali wedding is that many venues are so beautiful in themselves that you hardly need over the top decorations. So make sure your venue and themes go hand in hand.



the cost of a Bali wedding

We all want to capture every moment, every second of our special day. If you plan on flying in an international photographer or videographer for your Bali wedding, the cost can be significant. But Bali also has many talented local photographers that you can use. To save on costs it would be a great idea to hire a professional only for a few hours and then run a competition using your wedding hashtag for friends and family to post all their favorite wedding shots. You will be surprised the moments that people close to you can capture for your special day!



the cost of a Bali wedding

Bali has a dearth of accommodation options for every kind of couple and every type of guest. The range can begin at $20 a night and go up to $20,000 a night - at the end it only depends on what you fancy. A villa with the bridal party and the ‘hub’ for the wedding events is always a good idea but you could also always opt for a mid-level hotel if you don’t want to exceed your budget.


Here’s hoping that you have now had some insight on how you can start budgeting for your dream Bali Wedding. If you are looking to turn your special day into a reality, explore your options at Wonderland Uluwatu - Bali’s newest wedding and events space. This sprawling 1 hectare of land on a 200 meter cliff-top with the views of the Indian ocean is the perfect destination for weddings intimate to grand. Find out more at

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