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What to look for in your Bali Wedding Venue

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

As an island paradise, Bali has become one of the places that is always in demand by couples getting married. Many romantic venues, including clifftop venues, private villas, or ocean backdrops views are available. However, planning a wedding is not easy, and it takes a lot of effort. Various things must be taken care of and done from the beginning if you want your wedding to run smoothly.

A wide range of beautiful Bali Wedding venues and their packages are available for your ultimate special moment to reduce your stress. From wedding planners and photographers to catering and decoration. Choose a venue and package that suits your needs and budget. Here are 7 things you need to look at when choosing your wedding venue.

Bali Wedding Venue
  • Budgeting

Budget is the first and foremost thing you need to consider before looking for a venue. Set up a budget according to your needs and abilities. Sometimes the budget in Bali can be cheaper or even go over the top. The price range varies depending on the venue and the package you choose. However, suppose you plan to have a customized venue outside the package, we advise you to consider fees for rental and vendor fees and additional entertainment or presenters. Sometimes, unexpected costs arise so always be prepared and ask for all costs.

A ceremony on Bali Wedding at Wonderland Uluwatu

  • Wedding planner

When you contact a venue, you’ll be connected with their coordinator. Find out if that person will be available to you through the planning process or not. Otherwise, ask for their recommendation for a wedding planner. Usually, they will recommend a wedding planner that has worked with them before. Wedding planners are essential. They will help you organize and plan your wedding reception process, from decoration to entertainment, to suit your needs and expectations based on your budget.

  • Venue Location and area

For most events, venue location and its area are the significant factors. When choosing a wedding venue, consider whether your guest can easily reach your venue without any hassle. Make sure your venue can easily be reached by public transportation. Also, ask your venue whether free or discounted parking and valet services are available.

  • Venue Property

Event venues in Bali have their own unique properties and areas. Make sure they offer what you need. Also, check what's included in the package and what you should rent, such as tables, chairs, audio, lighting, and other properties.

A clothing room for Bali Wedding at Wonderland Uluwatu

  • Venue capacity

Each venue has a different limited capacity. You need to consider how many guests will come. This can help you to determine the type of place you will rent. If you are looking for a location with a guest capacity of 60 to 300 guests, don't hesitate to choose Wonderland Uluwatu as your perfect wedding venue.

  • Catering and Alcohol

Before choosing a venue, you should determine whether a venue has an on-site caterer or all catering must be done through outside vendors. For example, at Wonderland Uluwatu, you can bring all the vendors and caterers without any additional charge for corkage or hidden fees. And of course you also can bring your own liquors / alcohols without a corkage fee.

Cocktail booth on Bali Wedding

  • Terms and condition

Every venue also has different terms and conditions. Make sure you read their terms and conditions carefully. Especially the issue of deposit and cancellation policy. Confirm whether your place contains a wise Force Majeure, as well as receive insurance clarification.


We hope the above information will help you find the perfect venue that suits your wishes. If you are looking for a stunning cliff top venue for a wedding or other event, then Wonderland Uluwatu is apt. We offer three unique and exclusive spaces, the Point, the Pool and the Joglo. Wonderland Uluwatu awaits to make your dream come true.

For more queries feel free to reach us at And if you wish more Bali wedding inspiration, visit our website at

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