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Planning a wedding during Lockdown

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Planning a wedding during Lockdown

What an interesting start it has been to the year 2020. All you to-be-brides and grooms out there, this might just be the perfect time for you to plan your dream wedding and pay attention to every detail that matters to you. Bali is still a hot destination for weddings with many couples making the most of this time to book weddings for next year! Make the most of this time to grab some great deals in the Island of Gods and create your dream wedding board. Below are some tips in planning the perfect Bali destination wedding during this Lockdown.


Wedding venue 

Wedding venues across Bali are offering some fantastic deals if you are willing to secure your bookings during this time. So scout your options and get the best prices and you may just save up some of your budget for other luxuries. Pro Tip : Ask if venues are willing to allow a complementary date change or postponement if needed. 

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Plan your theme!


This time is never going to come back and especially at this instance, this stands truer than ever. So with all this spare time on our hands, you can now spend more time planning the details and making sure that every detail is tailor made to your liking. Think about what themes will highlight your personalities and also complement your chosen wedding venue.  Then it’s time to hit Pinterest….. and your day will flyby! 

DIY Wedding Favors

We have all wanted to make DIY gifts for our loved ones but with regular life getting in the way, this is hardly ever possible. But you can utilize this time to create special handmade gifts for your guests and friends.  With so many fantastic DIY tutorials online this is the perfect time to make something special and perhaps learn a new skill!

Get in your best shape now. 

All brides and grooms want to look their best version on their special day. And before the wedding day, there is a frenzy of dieting, starvation and high intensity workout regimes. But now you can work on yourself without stressing your body (or starving it!). Right now is the time to invest in your body - try out all those DIY hair packs and face masks, join those online workout classes and perhaps even practice meditation!


Due to the COVID-19 situation, there are some fantastic accommodation deals for you to grab. So your destination weddings just got a whole lot cheaper!  Start asking around now or ask your wedding venue or planner to help out as they may be able to get you an incredible deal. Pro Tip- Think about what currency you want to commit to make your payments.  The IDR has significantly dropped over the past few months so you may save upto 20% just on this!

Here are some of our favourite places:

Check out Lalaland Bali located in Canggu to spend time with friends. Honeymoon Bali villa we recommend Chili Hilly Ubud or if you want to explore some of the worlds most pristine waters for your Indonesian honeymoon check out Splendour Charters.


We hope this helps you get started with your wedding planning. If you are looking for a gorgeous cliff-top wedding venue in Bali, check out Wonderland Uluwatu and turn your dream destination wedding into reality.  Contact to find our more.   

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