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Bali Wedding Tips by Riviera Event Organiser

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Wonderland Uluwatu have reached out to some of Bali’s top wedding planners and asked for their tips on how to plan the perfect Bali wedding at Wonderland Uluwatu.  

Here is the first part of this series from:

Wedding planner : Riviera Event Organiser. 

“Wonderland Uluwatu” is located on an Uluwatu cliff with spectacular views, so this venue will be perfect for saying your i-do’s.

As the name suggests, Wonderland Uluwatu can bring wonderful memories to add to your wedding day.

Here are 6 wonders that can happen on your beautiful wedding day at Wonderland Uluwatu:

Wonder  #1: Morning Procession & Preparation

Wonderland Uluwatu, surrounded by luxury resorts & private villas, makes choosing your accommodation very easy.  (see here for some accommodation recommendations) 

Bali Wedding Tips

We strongly suggest you stay near Wonderland Uluwatu for a minimum of 2 nights (starting day-1). Therefore on the wedding day, you can do your morning preparation or rituals at the villa or resort where you are staying. While you are doing your makeup, photo shoot and everything at the villa, our production team can start preparing decorations, sound systems, lightings, photo booths at Wonderland Uluwatu. 

Wonders #2: Ceremony or Re-vow

For ceremony and/or re-vow, we strongly suggest you choose “the Point”  (see images here) as it offers a beautiful breathtaking sunset view at golden hour.  Usually the ceremony starts at 4.30 or 5.00 PM, so you can enjoy the sunset view at 6.15 To 6.30 PM, and then take some awesome photos with your families, friends and other guests.

Bali Wedding Tips

But please be aware that you might need some decoration or a marquee for your guests to protect them from sunshine. You may consult with your trusted wedding planner for this

For couples that prefer rustic or traditional themes, they might choose “the joglo” (see more images here) for their ceremony venue.

Wonders #3: Dinner Reception

Dinner is about celebration and experience, in this case you need a spacious venue to accommodate all your decorations, dancers and other entertainment.

Wonderland Uluwatu has an area called “the Pool”  (see more images here) that can accommodate upto 300 seated guests easily in a buffet or set menu style.

Bali Wedding Tips

Consult with your experienced wedding planner for guest flow, suitable entertainment and others planning areas that might need special attention & permit (ie. Fireworks)

Wonders #4: Catering & Alcohols

You can bring all the vendors and caterers in Wonderland Uluwatu, without any additional charge for corkage or hidden fees. And of course you also can bring your own liquors / alcohols without corkage fee. However, you need a good bar set up and a great bartender to serve your guests your preferred beverages. These benefits you can only find with Wonderland Uluwatu as their commitment to serve you better.

Wonders #5: Curfew & Rain 

Wonderland Uluwatu offers a sound curfew up till 11.30 PM. However starting at 10.00 PM, we need to adjust (lower) the sound system 25-40% than normal. As its an outdoor venue, sound might disturb the local residents of the area. For the rainy season, you can choose between setting up a decorated tent/marquee or hire a Balinese rain stopper. Yes, you read that correctly, it's a rain stopper that locals believe can repel rain in the area during your event.

Bali Wedding Tips

Meanwhile “The Joglo” can be your back up area in case of sudden rain.

For regulation regarding other items such as wishing lanterns, please contact your wedding planner to consult.

Wonders #6: Wedding Planner 

Choosing a trusted and experienced wedding planner from the beginning will benefit you a lot. They will assist and guide you starting from point zero. They should guide you step by step from making draft budgets, choosing suitable & trusted vendors, planning the rundown / schedule for the day and most importantly organising and executing the wedding day. They will be your eyes and ears during set up and will make sure everything is done according to your plan.  You will need an experienced team for your very special day that only happens once in your life.


Riviera Event Organizer established at Surabaya in 2005 and then expand to Bali in 2014, Jakarta in 2017 and also Manado in 2018. Riviera has served both national and international clients in executing various events and has been working together with various branded hotels, resorts, and event space. Riviera served hundreds of premium luxury clients in creating the promised unforgettable wedding event. If you are looking for trusted wedding planner, please feel free to contact Ivy +62812 3295 8252 or Hartawan +62812 561 9877.

If you are still looking for a venue in Uluwatu, Bali; check out our website or contact us at for more information.

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