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BALI’S Wedding Experts on Planning a Bali Wedding Post Covid-19

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Now that Bali is beginning to open again for all international tourists, we have curated a special guide on how to plan your Bali Destination wedding in 2022. We have reached out to some of Bali’s best wedding planners and we hope their tips help make your dream wedding a reality.

First we have Elisabeth from Avavi Bali Weddings giving us insight on the wedding planning journey.

Planning a wedding can be very challenging. Throw in a global pandemic and ‘challenging’ can be an understatement.. Finally, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and with that, couples are starting to get excited about planning a 2022 wedding. Whether you’re newly engaged or have had to navigate postponements or put your planning on hold, now is the perfect time to get your 2022 wedding on track.

In the last two years, my team and I have learned so much about how to work around uncertainty and the so-called new normal. As we move in to 2022 here are some top tips for

you if you are planning to get married this year or next year.

1. Hire a planner

I can’t stress the importance of this enough! Through the 2020 experience, couples have really understood the need for professional guidance. Make sure that you hire a local wedding planner, to help you choose the right vendors and pay attention to each contract. There are COVID-19 policies and other things to negotiate these days, and you really need someone on your side who is up to date with everything…. Now, more than ever, these strategies are vital.

Also, if you have to postpone again, your planner's relationships with vendors will be everything. Find an experienced planner you can really trust!

2. Choose the right venue

These days outdoor venues really are your best bet for hosting your wedding; if you do choose an indoor venue make sure there's a good amount of ventilation and a creative layout so you can safely space out your guests. Before you choose a venue, have your planner check out such things as postponement policies, and date flexibilities.

Gusta and Surya were married at the amazing Wonderland Uluwatu in September 2021. Having the spacious outdoor venue made it so much easier to comply with all regulations. The first thing they did was secure the services of Elisabeth from Avavi Bali Weddings to guide them through their most important day. Not long after they locked the date and secured the venue. They chose Wonderland Uluwatu, Bali.

Planning Bali Wedding Post Covid-19

Planning Bali Wedding Post Covid-19

There are so many ways to encourage guests to safely have fun at your party. Gusta and Surya chose to have a number of different games. They didn't let the pandemic put a damper on their “I Dos”!

Planning Bali Wedding Post Covid-19

Planning Bali Wedding Post Covid-19

3.Stay updated on the regulations and don’t forget to use clear wedding signage to spell

out what safety measures you'd like your guests to follow. Supply guests with masks

and/or hand sanitizer as wedding favors, in welcome baskets, or at strategically-placed

"sanitizing stations" around the event space. To be extra careful, as we did for Gusta and

Surya’s wedding, you could consider doing temperature checks upon guest arrival and

antigen test.


Bonus Tips:

Don’t wait to book a venue or vendors. As things open up again both at home and abroad, the best venues are booking up fast. Don’t be put off having your wedding ! If you follow our tips here there is no reason whatsoever that you cannot have the special wedding day that you have always wanted.

You can contact Avavi Wedding Planners at +62 81273281111.

You can also check them out on instagram here,

Next, Riviera Event Organizers also have some very worthwhile tips to share with us regarding planning a Bali wedding.

1. Outdoor Venue

Choosing venue in Bali for your wedding would be difficult as Bali offers so many beautiful and breathtaking view venues all over the island. Bali has beachfront venues, cliffside venues, jungle/forest venues, riverside, etc.

For event post covid, we always suggest our clients to choose outdoor venues for better air

circulation and social distancing. Wonderland Uluwatu is one of the best options as they offer an amazing sunset view for your wedding ceremony while having a spacious garden land for your dinner reception.

Planning Bali Wedding Post Covid-19

2. More intimate / Reduce the number of guests

A bigger crowd means bigger risk. So we suggest reconsidering your number of guests,

and more selective for who you will invite. You don't have a huge number of guests to celebrate the best moment of your life you only have your loved and most cared ones to celebrate with.

Planning Bali Wedding Post Covid-19

3. Allocate cost for Swap antigen test before party

Safety is number one priority, and at a celebration event we can not prevent guests from opening their masks and touching each other. So to minimize risk of covid spread, we strongly suggest to do a swab antigen test before entering the ceremony and or reception.

Wonderland Uluwatu has some rooms that are possible to perform a swab antigen test for all guests before they enter the ceremony and or dinner area.

You can contact Riviera Event Organizer at +62 81232958252. You can also check out their instagram page here.

This is just part 1 of the series. We will be bringing you some more tips from wedding planners and vendors in Bali who can help you plan your Bali Destination Wedding. For a timeline on how to start planning for your destination wedding, check out our article here :

For more information regarding our wedding venue, Wonderland Uluwatu, please reach out to us at hello@wonderlanduluwatu and we will be happy to help.

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