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The ultimate timeline for your Bali Destination Wedding

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

The ultimate timeline for your Bali Destination Wedding

You have decided to have a dream destination wedding in Bali and you are super excited. And why shouldn’t you be? The thrill and romance of a destination wedding on one of the most beautiful islands on the globe does not compare with anything else. But planning a wedding overseas requires a robust plan to tackle challenges of a foreign country and language. Here are some of our thoughts on how you should plan for your Bali wedding to avoid any last minute hassles and enjoy your special day to the fullest on the island of Bali.


12+ Months to go

The ultimate timeline for your Bali Destination Wedding

+ Plan your scouting trip to Bali

+ Decide a season and a date - this will dictate the venues you choose and events you host.

+ Plan your wedding budget - A Bali wedding might be cheaper but it still costs money. Make sure you decide on a budget and stick to it. You can read more tips about budgeting for a Bali wedding here.

+ Start preparing your guest lists

+ Hire a wedding planner - A DIY destination wedding is not an easy feat and if you and your partner want to enjoy your wedding day, it’s best to hire a planner who will help you navigate through the process of planning a destination wedding in Bali.

+ Request quotes from Wedding venues and schedule site tours - Venues in Bali are accustomed in hosting destination weddings and will happily schedule site tours for when you visit the island for your scouting trip. Your planner can help you with the same.


12 - 9 Months to go

The ultimate timeline for your Bali Destination Wedding

+ Book your wedding venue - Don’t delay this any further! Bali is a popular wedding location and you don’t want to lose out on your dream venue.

+ Start sending your Save the Dates - Don’t send these out before confirming your wedding location

+ Make your travel arrangements - Check your passport details, travel requirements and start booking your tickets.

+ Check local wedding laws and formalities

+ Select all your vendors - This includes your caterers, decorators, photographers, entertainment, hair and make-up artists. Work with your planner to get the best deals from local vendors.

+ Block rooms for your guests - Make it easier for your guests to fly to Bali for your special day.

+ Start your dress shopping - It’s never too early to start looking for your wedding dress.

+ Select your Bridal Party - A destination wedding means that you need to give ample amount of time to your important guests to make their bookings.


6 - 9 Months to go

The ultimate timeline for your Bali Destination Wedding

+ Order your invitations

+ Assign duties to your Bridal Party

+ Make transportation arrangements for the wedding day for yourself as well as your guests if possible

+ Finalise your decor and recreational events - Your planner will be able to guide you best in this area. Tell them your vision for your special day and they will help you achieve it.

+ Plan your honeymoon - If you plan to celebrate your honeymoon in Bali, start making bookings as Bali tends to get busy especially during tourist season.


3 - 6 Months to go

The ultimate timeline for your Bali Destination Wedding

+ Send your wedding invitations

+ Book your cake - If you are looking for some inspiration, check out our guide to Best Wedding cakes in Bali.

+ Finalise your music

+ Ensure your guests and bridal party have made their travel arrangements

+ Complete your pre-wedding photoshoot

+ Confirm everything with your wedding planners. Make sure you have all your contracts in place with all the vendors.

+ Finalize your honeymoon and make any required bookings

+ Organize for a weather contingency plan - If you are getting married during Bali’s wet season, it’s best to discuss an alternate plan with your wedding planner for your wedding day.


6 - 8 Weeks to go

The ultimate timeline for your Bali Destination Wedding

+ Confirm Guest RSVPs as well as meal choices

+ Finalize your wedding vows

+ Create a timeline for the special day - and share it with your wedding planner. Make sure your planner knows what is most important for you on your wedding day.


3 - 5 Weeks to go

The ultimate timeline for your Bali Destination Wedding

+ Start making a packing list - You don’t want to forget or misplace anything important.

+ Do a final guest count and RSVP check.

+ If there is anything that you want to send to Bali and it cannot travel with you, make sure to send it to you planner now.

1 - 2 Weeks to go

+ Pick up your Wedding dress.

+ Start packing for your wedding day as well as honeymoon - keep all the essentials in your cabin luggage; you don’t want to deal with lost luggage before your wedding day

+ Make sure you have all the essentials : rings, passports, vows.

+ Make arrangements for your final payments to all your vendors


5 Days to go

The ultimate timeline for your Bali Destination Wedding

+ Arrive at your destination wedding location so you have a few days to settle in.

+ Spend time with your wedding planner and go over all the details. You don't want any surprises on your wedding day.

+ Meet with all your vendors - go over the flow of events and make sure everyone is on the same page.

+ Book a spa day - You deserve a break!

+ Enjoy a manicure and pedicure - pamper yourself!


The Day of

The ultimate timeline for your Bali Destination Wedding

+ Breathe - It’s your special day and everything will be fine.

+ Account for travel time - Bali’s traffic can be overwhelming so ensure you account for it while planning your day.

+ Give yourself ample time to get ready - Don’t be in a hurry. Give yourself comfortable amount of time to get ready and enjoy the process.

+ Be grateful and enjoy your special day with your better half - Mingle with your guests, dance with your partner and enjoy the beautiful day you have spent months planning.


If you are looking to turn your dream day into a reality, explore your options at Wonderland Uluwatu - Bali’s newest wedding and events space. This sprawling 1 hectare of land on a 200 meter cliff-top with the views of the Indian ocean is the perfect destination for weddings intimate to grand. Find out more at

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