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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress for your Bali Wedding

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Finding your perfect wedding dress can be one of the most stressful parts of the entire wedding planning process. After all, it’s unlikely that you have tried one before and for most people, it also is the most expensive piece of clothing in their wardrobe. And if you are planning a destination wedding, the uncertainty of the weather, the location and a new space can all amount to increasing confusion when it comes to picking the perfect dress for your destination wedding.

To ease your confusion and the help you pick the perfect wedding dress for your Bali Wedding, the team at Wonderland Uluwatu have reached out to some of the most popular and famous wedding dress designers and asked for their insights on the perfect Bali Wedding Dress.


Luci DiBella Design House


Contact number: (03) 9500 2148

Instagram: @lucidibelladesign

1. Tips to consider when buying a Bali Wedding Dress

The climate and environment is always just as important as the bride's personality and

wedding aesthetic. It is mostly always warm/ humid; so selecting/ designing a gown

with light weight fabrics and comfort is ideal. We design all of our gowns with beautiful

silks and cottons. When we think of a destination wedding in Bali, the first aesthetic

and style that comes to mind is effortless femininity and relaxed sophistication - clean

lines, fluid fabrics, and design statements like sheer panels, keyholes and fashion-like


2. Things to avoid for a destination wedding dress

Heavy corseted gowns and beading. While the bridal gown should always reflect the

brides personality, you don't want to look like you're dressed for a different venue.

3. 2021 wedding dress styles for a tropical wedding

We have included 3 images of gowns from our recent collection that we believe would

compliment a tropical destination wedding in 2021.


Cathleen Jia


Contact number +61 03 8524 5267

Instagram @cathleen_jia

About the company:

Cathleen Jia is an established Australian bridal brand, with stockists in Europe and Asian.

Distinctly modern and powerfully feminine, they transcend conventional designs to blur the lines between bridal and fashion. Their bridal collections are thoughtfully made in Melbourne, and allow brides to embark on a journey of unrestrained imagination and self-expression.

The daughter of a seamstress, Cathleen’s journey began from an early age, meticulously hand-stitching unique creations for her dolls. Her love for creating led her to pursue design at RMIT – a global leader in textiles and fashion education. As her love for fashion and design evolved, she discovered an affection for delicate fabrics, developing a tactile approach to design. Fortuitously she stepped into the world of bridal and was touched by the love stories unfolding around her. In 2012, the Cathleen Jia brand was born.

Romantic and sophisticated, Cathleen Jia is intuitively guided by the soft, delicate fluidity of silk, that conforms, moves, and accentuates the elegance of the body. The organic approach to design is elegant and timeless, encapsulating the authenticity in the wearer through our collection of of dresses, tops and bottoms. The belief that drama does not need to be loud is entrenched within the heart of the brand. With a keen eye for subtle details and effortless elegance, the pieces are wearable beyond the big day becoming a cherished heirloom that lasts forever.

1. What to think about when choosing a Bali Wedding Dress?

I think fabric and style are big factors when considering a wedding dress for a Bali

wedding. Due to the humid climate, you want to make sure the fabrics are natural and

breathable so it is comfortable on your big day. Style is also important, we think a sleek

or romantic style is much more complementary to the beautiful Bali surroundings. And

think about travelling, it is much easier with a simpler gown

2. Tips on bridesmaid dresses for Bali weddings

Bridesmaid dresses should be comfortable and work with your bridal party's individual

shapes. We love the idea of giving your party a colour and let them choose their gown!

3. Things to avoid for a destination wedding dress

Consider the size of your gown. And by this, we mean how many layers, does it travel

well? If your gown is too big, you may need to consider ringing your airline in advance

to see if they can store it on board, and you may have to pay for an extra fee. Also

never ever check in your gown. Always hand carry on board.

4. 2021 wedding dress styles for a tropical wedding.

We are definitely biased on this as our gowns are sleeker. But in the last couple of

years, we are seeing more brides embrace a simpler and elegant style. We love that

brides are getting more creative with their wedding day look, by adding coloured

shoes, bold accessories etc... and a simpler gown will open up opportunities for you to

style your look however you like.


Silvana Tedesco


Contact number. +61398171111

Instagram @silvana__tedesco


Silvana Tedesco is a fashion designer based in Melbourne Australia. She creates custom gowns for women that want to feel incredible. Her styling is non traditional and uses the most amazing fabrics from all over the world. She loves dressing all kinds of bodies and bringing the best out of women especially for their wedding day. She has been operating for 11 years and has been fortunate to take her designs around the world and also dress many celebrities in her creations.

“My goal is to make every single woman who invests in one of my pieces feel fabulous! For me, it’s about helping women look and feel their best, and instilling this true, inner belief in my clients. I want your experience to be a pleasure, and for you to share the joy I feel when we both see the finished product.” - Silvana Tedesco

Photo Credit : Monika Berry. @monika_berry

1. What to think about when choosing a Bali Wedding Dress?

Something light and flowy is always a good choice for Bali as the weather is always

quite warm. You don’t want the stress of having to wear a heavy gown. But I always

believe you should wear what you want - anything that makes you feel the best you

have ever felt.

2. Tips on bridesmaid dresses for Bali weddings

For bridesmaids I always suggest to dress them in what they feel comfortable in. So

maybe they wear all the same colour but different styles that compliment their shape

best. You don’t want to have unhappy bridesmaids on your wedding day - Don’t forget

they are your support so you want them to be at their best on your special day.

3. Things to avoid for a destination wedding dress

When choosing a dress for a destination wedding things to avoid would be -

Choosing a heavy skirt - It will be difficult to transport, frustrating to wear and may

stress you out - especially if it’s hot weather. Choose fabrics and embellishments that

are likely not to get damaged in transit.

If travelling on a plane with your destination wedding dress - NEVER pack it in your

luggage. You will run the risk of it getting permanently damaged or even lost and you

don’t want that just before your wedding.

4. 2021 wedding dress styles for a tropical wedding

I feel with tropical weddings there isn’t much you can go wrong with. I love high neck

gowns with cut away backs, or long sheath dresses with small straps. I think for 2021

the bridal trends will change given the global pandemic we have faced. I feel women

will go with simple timeless shapes that aren’t too busy or heavy.

Photo Credit: Beckie G Photography @beckiegphotography


White April Bridal


Contact number: +61 423 988 929

Instagram: @whiteaprilbridal

About your company: White April Bridal Captures The Essence Of The Modern Bride. Soft Silhouettes And Distinctive Lace Are Combined To Create An Effortlessly Stylish Look.

White April Fills A Niche Within Our Collections That Appeals To Brides Looking For A Unique Gown With Contemporary Styling. Sleek, Streamlined Silhouettes Are Complemented With Delicate Embellishments.

Each Design Features Exceptional Elements And Inimitable Detail. Gentle Touches Of Lace, Crystal And Pearls Lightly Enhance The Gowns And Elevate Their Detail, Creating A Refreshing Interpretation On Bridal Fashion.

For The Bride Who Has A Romantic Soul Yet Embraces Modernity. Lightweight Comfort And Form Designed To Naturally Embrace A Bride’s Figure. White April Is Laid Back Bridal Luxe.

1. What to think about when choosing a Bali Wedding Dress?

There are so many factors to consider when selecting your perfect gown. One of the

most important factors to consider in our opinion is the temperature and climate of the

wedding location. Bali is typically a humid, warm climate and so lightweight and

breathable fabric is a must.

2. Tips on bridesmaid dresses for Bali weddings:

Your bridesmaids are an important part of the wedding vision and so colours and

materials complimentary to your theme and vision is a must! Consider colours and

designs complimentary to the backdrop of Bali.

3. Things to avoid for a destination wedding dress:

In our minds, destination weddings are all about spontaneity and freedom! Your

destination wedding dress should allow you to move freely and have the most fun on

the day.

4. 2021 wedding dress styles for a tropical wedding:

When we think of a tropical wedding we imagine detachable sleeves, modern elegant

lace and soft delicate fabrics that float in the breeze.


BUDISM Couture

Website :

Email :

Contact number : +27 76 070 6298

Instagram : @budism

About our company :

BUDISM COUTURE creates haute couture of the highest level of artisanship and uncompromising luxury. The signature BUDISM silhouette is simple, alluring and tailored exclusively for each woman.

They source precious fabrics from leading European textile houses who weave romance into fine silks, lace and tulles. Scintillant sequins and crystals are selected for their graceful sparkle and impeccable hues. Plumes are flown in from ethical, traceable origins across the continents.

Every inch of their gowns and dresses breathes refinement through the hands of skilled seamstresses and embroiderers. Their intricate and precise needlework brings each creation to life.

While their business is modern and personal in approach, the care, originality and savoir faire they lavish on their creations remain true to the centuries-old tradition of haute couture.

1. What to think about when choosing a Bali Wedding Dress?

A wedding on a clifftop location in Bali is a dream come true. Imagine yourself overlooking the vastness of the ocean below your feet, white clouds melting into a cotton candy coloured sunset, the heat of the day subsiding to a gentle evening breeze that is so typical for Uluwatu - this is the drama of nature at its best. The location and the gathering of all your family and friends is something that will create lasting memories. You would want the dress to reflect this by choosing a light, tropical wedding dress in a luxurious fabric with an attention to tailoring where perfection is in the detail. A dress that floats in the wind as you walk down the open-air aisle, adorned with gently swaying ostrich plumes and subtly hand-embroidered with fine crystals that sparkle in the evening sun. It's the most understated dresses that require perfection and exquisite craftsmanship.

2. Tips on bridesmaid dresses for Bali weddings:

This is a day that you spend with your closest friends - those you have known since you were a little girl and who have travelled from far to celebrate your special day. It's fun dressing up, providing support, wiping away a happy tear or two, reminiscing about the times you played dress-up together as kids. You would want to show your appreciation to your friends by giving them bridesmaids’ dresses that match their unique style and complement your dress. Again, it's about simple cuts and luxurious fabrics and you may want to splurge a bit on colour and some subtle embellishments.

3. Things to avoid for a destination wedding dress:

Think about practicality. You would want to avoid dresses that are too big to be carried as hand luggage. Avoid checking in your wedding dress or sending it by courier. Your dress should be perfect before it leaves for its destination. Last minute on-site alterations are extremely stressful for the bride and can go wrong due to time pressure. As tempting as it may be, do not take pre-wedding pictures in your wedding dress. It should be in pristine condition when you walk down the aisle and keep in mind of the surfaces you will be walking on. Rough and stoney surfaces may easily damage the train of a delicate dress.

4. 2021 wedding dress styles for a tropical wedding:

As the whole world emerges from the dramatic events that shaped 2020, the global focus shifts away from fast consumption to more sustainable choices. Ultimately this trend is also reflected in wedding dresses. We feel that a higher value will be placed on craftsmanship and workmanship – the appreciation of skills that have been handed down generations to create pieces of lasting value. A wedding dress is something that you would want to look at in decades to come and relive those beautiful memories - and it should still sparkle the way it did on your wedding day. For Bali’s tropical setting,“less is more” is the way to go. You would want to keep the silhouette relatively simple and relaxed, and focus on the details such as fabric choice and details in the embellishment.




Contact number: NIL

Instagram: @juilletofficial

About the company:

Juillet pronounce / zwee-eh / , means July in French. The brand was established in 2016 by 3 fashion designers who hold friendship at the heart of their partnership. Having parallel backgrounds and the desire to design ethereal and intricate gowns. Specialising in bespoke, Juillet wishes to evoke feelings of love and endearment towards every one-of-a-kind keepsake.

Embedded with delicate touches of floral embroideries, 3D petals, french laces, and beadings as the eminent elements to embellish their creations that are romantic, elegant, and effortless.

Tips and styles of wedding dress for wedding in Bali:

Having a wedding in a tropical island of Bali especially along the beautiful coastline, you will need a wedding dress that you will feel comfortable in and one that will fit the laidback holiday vibe of a wedding by the sea.

A few styles that definitely won't go wrong, from romantic, floating trains to glamorous Grecian draping and bohemian vibes, which will move beautifully in the sea breeze. Try to choose a dress that could show off your beautiful skin, be it a low back, plunging neck or translucent bodice and combine it with a statement lace or embellishment to achieve that light and airy look yet stunning and effortless at the same time.

The type of embellishments on your gown could also be an important factor to achieve that vibe, we believe that it has to have beautiful textures but not necessarily to be full of sparkles. The key is subtle yet intricate, organic and classy. If you're someone who loves minimalism, then go for a gorgeous plain white gown and focus on finding one that has unique cutting details on the gown that could flatter your figure beautifully and show a little bit of skin.

Another important note to consider is that due to the humid weather in Bali and high chance that you'll be transporting the gown to Bali from your hometown. You might want to find a wedding dress that is lightweight and materials that could dry easily. You will definitely be sweating and you don't want your dress to have watermark stain all over the dress.

When it comes to your bridesmaids dress, the world really is your oyster. But overall, try to always find a matching style and vibe with your wedding gown so that it looks cohesive. They will be moving around a lot, working behind the scene to make your wedding day perfect so make sure that their fabric doesn't crease and have watermark stain easily.

We hope this list helps you select your perfect gown for your beautiful Bali Wedding. If you are still looking for wedding venues for your 2021 weddings, check out Wonderland Uluwatu - Bali’s newest clifftop wedding venue with beautiful views and three gorgeous and unique spaces perfect for all kinds of weddings.

See more images of Wonderland Uluwatu's dreamy Bali weddings here. If you are looking for tips for planning your Bali Wedding during the lockdown, check this out.




Contact number: +65 8859 3809


Alerisa creates unconventional bridal apparel for modern and fashion-forward brides. We want our brides to be able to be chic and fashionable, yet enjoy the freedom to dance and move around comfortably on their wedding day.


What to think about when choosing a Bali Wedding dress?

a. Comfort is key. The humid and warm weather in Bali means you’ll need to choose lighter fabrics and go minimal. Excessive details like a train will just weigh you down. A lightweight and flowy dress will help you stay cool. Plus, that will make for great photos.

2. Tips on bridesmaid dresses for Bali weddings

a. I suggest they commit to the same hue but explore alternative styles and designs. Not every dress is flattering for the same person! Most importantly, they go for laid-back ease in humid Bali.

3. Things to avoid for a destination wedding dress

a. Avoid a dress with a heavy skirt. Trust me when I say it’s no fun moving around with a chunky dress. A breathable and minimal dress will help you look fresh and clean all day.

Try choosing from collections made specially for destination weddings so that your dress can be packed easily and transported to your dreamy destination.

4. 2021 wedding dress styles for a tropical wedding

a. Clean, simple, minimalist. I expect to see more unembellished styles trending in 2021, and simplistic styles are perfect for a tropical wedding. This is why at Alerisa, we create simple yet elegant dresses for our brides.


We hope this list helps you select your perfect gown for your beautiful Bali Wedding. If you are still looking for wedding venues for your 2021 weddings, check out Wonderland Uluwatu - Bali’s newest clifftop wedding venue with beautiful views and three gorgeous and unique spaces perfect for all kinds of weddings.

See more images of Wonderland Uluwatu's dreamy Bali weddings here. If you are looking for tips for planning your Bali Wedding during the lockdown, check this out.


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