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Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Real Weddings at Wonderland Uluwatu Bali


Melody and Daniel exchanged their vows on 5th September 2020 at Bali’s newest clifftop wedding venue - Wonderland Uluwatu.

Here are some beautiful shots from their wedding. We reached out to the bride, Melody to find out more about her wedding process and how she planned her beautiful day at Wonderland Uluwatu.

“We have always planned on having our wedding ceremony in Bali. Last year when we decided to start wedding planning, we found Wonderland Uluwatu on Instagram and fell in love with it instantly. We were especially impressed by the cactus backdrop - it’s rare to have a wedding ceremony with natural cactus decor in the background. We fell in love with everything - the concept, the venue and the joglo! We instantly knew that Wonderland Uluwatu was meant for us. We didn’t even feel the need to look at other venues, because we were super happy with this place”

You can see more images of Wonderland Uluwatu and its property here.


“Since last year, we always wanted to hold our wedding in August 2020 but because of the pandemic we had to change our plans. We were worried about our friends and family attending our wedding. But we had faith and decided to go ahead with a small and intimate celebration instead of postponing it to next year.”

“All the vendors were very cooperative and understanding and the event went perfectly. We were happy with everything on that day. I would definitely encourage all brides and grooms who are planning their wedding amidst the pandemic to keep going on, don’t stress and surrender yourself to the beautiful moments that you will create with your partner at Wonderland Uluwatu. Even if some things don’t go your way, just relax and enjoy all the good things and look forward to your happily ever after”

“My 3 tips for brides getting married in Wonderland Uluwatu

1. Be as relaxed and comfortable as possible and make sure your dress, wedding theme and other details match your mood and don’t add to your stress.

2. The beautiful views of Wonderland Uluwatu will melt your heart. Take your time to appreciate your venue and fall in love with it.

3. Always focus on your partner and your relationship and be grateful for all the good things that have come your way.”

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“My 3 tips for planning a wedding during Covid

1. First and foremost, do not stress. Stay calm and take control of things.

2. Prepare for everything but be comfortable. Only do as much as you can.

3. Discuss everything with your partner and family. Take their help and support”

You can watch Melody and Daniel’s wedding highlights video here.

Credits & @claytonbagaskara


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If you are looking for a clifftop wedding venue for your Bali destination wedding, Wonderland Uluwatu is the place for you. Contact us at if you would like a brochure.

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