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Here’s all you need to know about planning your Bali Wedding!

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

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So he finally asked the big question and you said yes! Congratulations! Now comes the next part : wedding planning, dress shopping, house hunting, guest lists, and much more. Now one of the most crucial parts of the planning stage is deciding on where to get married and how.  Now, if a destination wedding is what you have in mind and  you have decided on a tropical Bali wedding, then we are here to help you!  Here are some tips that are sure to make your Bali wedding planning an experience to remember.


First and foremost, decide on a location.

Are you considering a villa, a hotel, a specialized wedding venue, or a sunset spot or the beach?  All locations have their pros and cons for your Bali wedding and you can have fun with all of them.  But if you’re after a private affair, this would narrow down your options. 

Let’s look at what villas and specialized wedding venues have to offer. Both options can offer you a great deal of privacy but there are some differences to take into consideration 

  1. Villas are excellent as you have everything in one place so there is no need for logistics but you need to be aware that you are potentially staying in a construction site.   Setting up a wedding means a ton of vendors who start early in the morning if not the night before, so don’t plan on enjoying your too villa.   Wedding venues on the other hand may require a little more logistics planning but you can then turn up to an event already set up and leave before the noisy pack up begins ready for a good night sleep in your luxury Bali villa.

  2. Restrictions – both will have local noise restrictions put in place by the local government however sometimes you need to check restrictions on decorations, lighting, fireworks and what are the fees involved.  Many places may also have restrictions on what vendors can be used so make sure you look into all the aspects before you book. 

  3. Guest Restrooms - While this may not be something on your checklist,  you definitely need to make sure there is somewhere for your guests to go that is convenient.  If the venue isn’t designed for events, you will have to leave one of the bedrooms vacant.  This will also mean that people will be hanging out in the bedroom waiting for the bathroom and we all know what happens when a group of girls get together in a bathroom line after a few drinks.  Specifically designed wedding villas and wedding venues will have sufficient bathrooms for guests and for the bridal party to use. 

Also the images of the magical Bali sunset are fantastic but these spectacular sunsets are the products of the wet season so you will be rolling the dice with planning your Bali wedding around one of these sunsets. We would recommend focusing on the experience for your guests but making sure there is a nearby place if it looks like a bright pink Bali sunset will occur on your wedding day you can easily pop out for the dreamy Bali wedding photos.


2. Choosing a date

planning your Bali Wedding

This is a hard one as everyone has a reason for wanting their wedding on a specific day from Feng shui to a special anniversary date.  When you are planning a destination wedding you also need to keep in mind the weather, which in Bali can range from a dry season to a hot wet season. You shouldn’t be afraid of rain on your wedding day. In fact some of the most memorable and fun weddings we have seen happen in the rain!  Bali’s wet season tends to have short bursts of rain that come and go.  You can also look at putting a marquee should you be worried about the weather.  If you don’t have the budget for this you may need to work with a flexible catering company and wedding planner who can quickly turn a sit down dinner into a social canape style event without blinking an eyelid. Before you go ahead with your wedding preps, you want to make sure you and your planners have a Plan B for all situations, including weather conditions.


3. Choosing a Wedding Planner

Apart from your wedding venue the other major key piece of organising your wedding is hiring the right wedding planner.  Bali has some excellent and experienced wedding planners to choose from. When looking to choose a wedding planner take the following into consideration 

  1. Budget – What sort of budget are you looking to spend? Some planners are excellent with low budget planning while some specialize in luxury events. Check if your planner has done weddings with your budget in style in the past. 

  2. Style – Do you have a set style in mind for your Bali wedding?  Some planners tend to focus on a set style of wedding.  Have a think about what your Bali wedding will look like, is it boho style, elegant, minimalist, Balinese wedding, traditional wedding or a unique memorable Bali wedding.  

  3. Experience – Check out their portfolio to see how many Bali weddings they have done.  Planning a Bali wedding has many interesting logistics attached to it however if you have an excellent planner you won’t even know what they are dealing with behind the scenes.   

Take a look at some tips we received from the Bali wedding experts here


4. Package Weddings or DIY Weddings

While an all-inclusive package weddings may lure some couples, Bali has many options and you have the freedom to create something special if you want.  We recommend just using a package as a guide or a starting point then customising what you would like from the floral arrangements, hair and make up stylists, food and beverage package to entertainment. Think about what the highlights of your wedding day are: the venue, the entertainment or the food and plan your day accordingly. We have created a list of possible Bali wedding entertainment ideas here

Here is a detailed guide on a detailed timeline for your Bali destination wedding.


5. Are you planning on a legal Bali wedding or just a symbolic Bali wedding?

planning your Bali Wedding

This is a complex question and it will depend on the background and situation of each couple.  Many couples prefer to finish all their paperwork procedures at home and make their Bali destination wedding a purely enjoyable event for them and their guests. Other couples may come from different religious backgrounds so they aren’t able to have a legally binding ceremony. The options are plenty in Bali but it’s up to you to decide. It would also be recommended that you speak to you Bali Wedding planner to get some more insight on what would be right for you.


6. Your budget!  

This is a hard one as Weddings in Bali can range from very economical to ultra luxurious. We have even heard of weddings costing up to $4million in Bali but we also have seen beautiful budget Bali weddings for around USD$10,000!  Have a budget and stick to it.  Before you start, make a list of the top 3 things that are important to you as a couple for your wedding day and keep these as a focus.  Yes sure the petting zoo, fireworks and customized gifts are great but is it worth an extra $5,000?   Here are some tips on how to budget for a Bali Destination Wedding.

Bonus tip… It’s hot so don’t even try and have an ice cream cake but there are some terrific local ice cream vendors who can do a stunning ice cream cart at your Bali wedding which your guests will love! You can check out some suggestions for cakes and treats here

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