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How to Pick your Wedding Date for a Destination Wedding.

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Pick Wedding Date for Destination Wedding

Choosing a wedding date can be a very daunting process. Just like any other wedding related decision, it involves looking at multiple factors and including your partner and families opinions as well. We have tried to help you choose your wedding date in a simple and fuss free manner.


What is the most convenient time for you and your partner?

Pick Wedding Date for Destination Wedding

It’s important to look at what months and days work best for you and your partner and narrow down on those months. If you want to celebrate your wedding on the day you met, then choose that month. Or in case you or your partner are accountants, then certain months like the end of the financial year may not work for you, so cut them out.


Who are your VIP guests?

Pick Wedding Date for Destination Wedding

Take an account of who the important people at your wedding are and what can you do to ensure they don’t miss out on your special occasion. These would include both your parents, siblings, the bridal parties, etc. Include them in your date making decision. There are certain people without whom your wedding just won’t be the same. So you may want to try from your end to have a date that is convenient for your special guests.


Pick your wedding season

Pick Wedding Date for Destination Wedding

Sometimes it’s wiser to choose a season rather than a date or a month. Choosing a wedding season will help you visualize your wedding colour, decor, event types and even your food. And vice versa, if you already have a wedding board on your pinterest, choose a season that works with your planned wedding decor. For example, if you are planning a Bali destination wedding, an outdoor wedding won’t be ideal during the Bali wet season. A summer wedding in Bali would mean a different dress code, perhaps a pool brunch party and even different wedding favors. So make sure you narrow down on a wedding season and from there go towards narrowing to a month that works for you.


Check out wedding venues and their availability

Pick Wedding Date for Destination Wedding

Before you start narrowing down on your wedding day and date, make sure to scout for venues and check out their availability. Here you will want to look at your budget, plus what days of the week to avoid and also if your wedding day is coinciding with some sports events or global conferences. Sometimes while looking for wedding venues for a Bali destination wedding, you may want to consider weekdays as it may be more cost effective. Also ask venues if they will be offering any special rates for certain dates or months. Once you find a venue you like, pick a date that suits you, your partner, your important guests and works for your vendors and your decor themes.

We hope this helps you pick a date for your perfect destination wedding. For more tips on planning a bali destination wedding, please visit our website here. If you are in the middle of rescheduling your wedding, check out our tips here. You can email us at to find out more about Wonderland Uluwatu for your Bali events.


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