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Wonderland Uluwatu Bali Wedding Tips by Hari Indah

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Wonderland Uluwatu Bali Wedding

Wonderland Uluwatu has reached out to some of Bali’s top wedding planners and asked for their tips on how to plan the perfect Bali wedding at Wonderland Uluwatu.  

Here is the second part of this series:

Wedding planner : Hari Indah

We fell in love when we first saw Wonderland Uluwatu. It’s such a stunning and unique venue! Here are a few professional tips when you are planning your Wonderland Uluwatu wedding.


Surprise your guests at each stage of your event.

Wonderland Uluwatu Bali Wedding

We love venues which allow for an element of surprise as your guests move from one area to another. And Wonderland Uluwatu does not disappoint! Think of a separate space for the welcome drinks where your guests will get their young coconut on arrival, from where they will be invited to a breathtakingly decorated ceremony area. Once the ‘I do’s’ have been exchanged, your guests will move to another space for their cocktail hour where they can enjoy yummy canapés and signature cocktails, while you are taking your wedding photos. Finally everyone will be invited to move to the dinner area, glowing in the dusk and get ready for your grand entrance. Last but not least, there is an after dinner lounge so your guests can put their knees up, if they are too tired from crazy antics on the dance floor. All in close proximity to the bar, of course!


Renting the whole place versus only event areas 

Consider booking the whole venue to allow sufficient time for your vendors to create what you’ve been dreaming off. Are overheads installations what you are envisioning? Depending on the complexity of the decor, your florist will need time to put this together so early access to the venue is crucial. With the whole venue booking, vendors can enter the site from 6 am, which gives everyone plenty of time to set up for your dream wedding. For exploring Wonderland Uluwatu venues through pictures, click here.


Consider a Rain Plan.

Wonderland Uluwatu Bali Wedding

While Uluwatu area is much drier than other parts of Bali, it can still rain. The beauty of Wonderland Uluwatu is that the Rain Plan option already exists with the tent covering the bar. (Click here to see images). If the weather is looking 50/50 and you feel brave to take the risk, you have a tent in place to quickly move the dinner in case the weather does not collaborate.


Book a rain stopper! 

Ok, so the rain stopper is neither a marquee nor a laser….. Rain stopper is a Balinese priest who specialises in performing a ritual which moves the clouds. Yup, that’s it! As crazy as it sounds, all wedding planners swear by them and we always recommend booking one, regardless of what the weather forecast says. After all, Bali is magic not logic!


If you would like to contact Hari Indah, you can reach them at Hari Indah Wedding Planning & Design, aka ‘curator of magic’, stylishly landed on the Bali wedding scene in 2015. Since then, the head planner and stylist Elvira and her team have produced a spectacular portfolio of work. What makes them stand out from other planners on the island is their focus on designing unique wedding concepts, reflecting couples’ personalities, style as well as their cultural & ethnic background. 

If you are still looking for a venue in Uluwatu, Bali; check out our website or contact us at for more information.

If you would like to read more tips from Bali's top wedding planners, you can click here.

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