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Top Tips for Tropic-Worthy Tresses & Makeup for our Bali brides

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

A Bali Bride truly deserves a look fitting the tropical Bali ambience and the easy and relaxed wedding vibes. We have reached out to Bali’s Glo Day Spa and Salon who specialize in Bridal Hair and Make up to get some amazing tips for all future Bali Brides.

Tips for Tropic-Worthy Tresses & Makeup for our Bali brides

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When it comes to hair and makeup, it’s all about putting in the prep work.


Make sure your hair is freshly styled and trimmed and your hair colour is refreshed at a few days before your wedding. At Glo our team of Master Colourists & Stylists can help you with this. Oh and on a side note, its probably best not to try a new cut or colour right before your big day.

Our number 1 tip would be to not fight your natural hair type/texture! If you have super fine, straight hair that does not hold curl, don’t wear your hair down with “loose waves”. It will not hold in the tropical humidity! Instead, try loose waves pinned up into a low swept up-do. You’ll get the soft style you wanted but everything will be pinned in place to last all day and night in the humidity.

Do: For a beach ceremony, we recommend hair either up or pulled back, that way brides and bridesmaids will look stunning in photos and don't have to worry about the ocean breeze blowing strands of hair in their faces. If you have your heart set on a natural look with your hair down, consider positioning yourself so you face the wind. This way your hair won’t blow in your face during the ceremony or during pictures.

Don’t: The biggest mistake would be extremely dirty hair. For some reason, tons of stylists say that dirty hair will hold better than clean hair and this is the worst rumour going around that we can think of! Dirt and oil weigh your hair down and can actually make it more difficult to get your hair to do what we want. We’d rather add product to make it do what we want. AND you will be way more comfortable with clean locks. What we recommend is that you wash your hair the day before and only use a little bit of conditioner on the ends. And our Glam Squad will work their magic for you.


We always advise our clients to get facials, waxing and threading treatments two or more days before the wedding. By doing this you avoid redness, irritation and the possibility of a breakout. A simple refresher facial the day before is perfect for pre-make up preparations – leaving a smooth canvas for your MUA.

We recommend getting an exfoliating facial two weeks before the wedding date to allow acne and blemishes to surface and disappear. And if you have a skin condition or use specialty makeup, be sure to pack that as well.

Airbrush makeup is a very popular solution to ensure a longer-lasting radiant look. Blush and bronzer we recommend should be matte. Save the shimmer for the highlight of the cheekbone and the brow bone.

Do: If you are hesitant to use false lashes and eyeliner remember that makeup artists have a large selection of natural looking false lashes that when used are barely detectable and soft eyeliner will only accentuate your eyes in photos.

We highly recommend having a hair and make up trial prior to your wedding – this will ensure your day is as stress free as possible as you know that the MUA and stylists are fully prepared and have had your approval for the look you are dreaming of.


We hope the above tips help you decide on your Bali Bridal look without any stress and leaves you relaxed to focus on other wedding details.

For more tips on planning and organizing your Bali Wedding, check out our Wedding tips page here.

Contact us today to book a virtual site inspection or a physical site visit of Wonderland Uluwatu if you are in Bali. You can reach us at If you are in the middle of rescheduling your wedding, check out our tips here.

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