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Top Wedding Trends for 2021

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

2020 has been a challenging and almost a life-changing year for most of us. It has definitely brought in some monumental changes to the wedding industry. While general style trends of weddings continue to change year after year, this year the coronavirus pandemic has given rise to new trends and a new approach to weddings which may well last past 2021.

Here we have looked at some of the top Bali wedding trends which are sure to become a part of every couples wedding experience in the coming years.


1. Smaller Guest Lists

Top Wedding Trends

Guests lists are definitely going to become more compact with emphasis given to close friends, relatives and family. Over-the-top weddings in terms of guest count will definitely not be popular in the coming year. Couples will choose to have a more intimate celebration with their near and dear ones and would rather spend on pampering these special guests rather than calling everyone they know.

2. Outdoor beach weddings

Top Wedding Trends

With the coronavirus scare still out there, couples and planners will opt more for outdoor weddings on cliff-tops and near beaches rather than in closed indoor spaces. Considering most people have stayed indoors for a long amount of time this past year, indoor weddings will definitely be everyone’s favourite.

If you are looking for beautiful outdoor event spaces in Bali, check out Wonderland Uluwatu.

3. Bright Colours

Top Wedding Trends

While the last few years have focused on light muted colours for wedding decor, dresses and even centerpieces, this year couples will look to have bright and colourful wedding themes. Think Royal Blue with Gold or Ivory with Fushia.

The pop of colour will be apparent in the wedding decor as well as table setting and also the bridal dress. Brides will move away from the traditional whites and be more open to experimenting.

4. Casual set-up including smaller toasts and speeches

Top Wedding Trends

The formality will dwindle down from wedding receptions. Weddings will now have a casual atmosphere around them. You can expect smaller toasts from friends and family and perhaps, maybe every guest will even be given an opportunity to say something about the happy couple.

5. Welcome Kits and Welcome boxes

Top Wedding Trends

Welcome kits are sure to become more popular this year instead of just having wedding favors. These kits can include small favors, customized presents as well as essentials such as hangover kits, the wedding event guide as well as masks and sanitizers.

6. Live-streaming weddings

Top Wedding Trends

2020 has seen a lot of live streaming weddings and this trend is definitely going to carry forward into the coming years. Brides and Grooms will want to set up a youtube livestream or a zoom call to ensure anyone who cannot attend the wedding physically, has the option to view it from wherever they are. Broadcasting weddings will for sure be a part of every couple’s wedding to-do lists.

7. Bachelorettes at rental homes

Top Wedding Trends

Bar hopping, clubbing and party buses are going to take a backseat while celebrating bachelorettes at beautiful holiday homes in exotic locations will become more popular. Couples and their guests will want to avoid crowded nightclubs and restaurants and will therefore opt for a more intimate experience. If you are searching for villas to spend your Bachelorette, check out LalaLand in Canggu, Bali. The seven bedroom villa with a pool and a garden is ideal for bachelorette parties, pre-wedding brunches or post-wedding recovery brunches.

You can email us at to find out more about Lalaland or Wonderland Uluwatu for your Bali events. If you are in the middle of rescheduling your wedding, check out our tips here.

We hope the above tips help you bring your upcoming wedding to life. For more tips on planning a Bali wedding and information on planners, vendors and more, visit our website here.

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