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Bali - World’s Best Wedding Destination 2021

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Bali has always been popular amongst those getting ready to tie the knot. Every couple dreams of a Bali Wedding with beautiful ocean views and breathtaking clifftops. Here we remind you of some of the reasons why you should start planning your Bali Wedding right now.


1. Bali Sunsets

Bali - World’s Best Wedding Destination

Bali’s dreamy sunsets are reason enough for you to have a beautiful sundowner event. You and your loved ones will definitely enjoy sipping on some tropical cocktails while watching the sun set over the Indian ocean. It makes a great backdrop for your photos also!

There are many popular clifftop places close to Wonderland Uluwatu for watching the famous Bali sunset.

2. Balinese Culture

Bali - World’s Best Wedding Destination

Being immersed in the traditional Balinese culture will be an unforgettable experience for anyone. The famous Uluwatu temple sits just a few kilometers away from Wonderland Uluwatu. You can arrange for a small excursion for your guests to the temple where they can also enjoy the traditional sunset Kecak dance.

3. Venues for all in Bali

Bali - World’s Best Wedding Destination

One of the most attractive reasons to have a Bali wedding is that you will find exactly the venue you are looking for. There is a venue for every taste and style in Bali; from outdoor cliff top venues to private villas and indoor ballrooms. Irrespective of the size and style of your wedding, you are sure to find the perfect venue for your special day. We have shortlisted some venues for your Bali Wedding and you can view them here.

4. Food in Bali

Bali - World’s Best Wedding Destination

There has been a significant increase in the number of catering companies in Bali in the last few years. They abide by all the international food standards to make sure you get the best for your friends and family. The catering companies offer a multitude of choices for you and your guests. You can opt for an 8 course sit down dinner to a casual buffet, you can choose between local Indonesian cuisine or a curated western style menu, you also have the option of setting up live cooking stations and beautiful dessert carts for your guests.

5. Wedding Entertainment in Bali

Bali - World’s Best Wedding Destination

As Bali is becoming more and more popular for destination weddings, you will be able to find all kinds of entertainment options - from local to international, for your wedding. DJs, live bands, fire dancers, traditional Balinese dance groups are just a few options on your list. To read more about Entertainment options for Bali Weddings, visit our blog here.

6.Value for Money

Bali - World’s Best Wedding Destination

Bali gives you a good value for money that you spent on the experience and services. Your wedding is a once-in-a lifetime moment and you do want to make the most of it for yourself as well as all your guests. A Bali Wedding can work out for every budget. From the ultra lux to a simple wedding, Bali has something for every taste and every budget. For more tips on planning a Bali wedding, visit our blog here.

7. Good memories for your friends and family

Bali - World’s Best Wedding Destination

Everyone wants to have a memorable wedding and a Bali wedding is just that! Your friends and family will enjoy every minute of this beautiful occasion with you and they will carry this experience with them wherever they go.

If you are still looking for a wedding venue in Uluwatu, check out Wonderland Uluwatu. It’s the perfect place to celebrate any occasion big or small with your friends, family and loved ones. If you are looking to turn your dream day into a reality, explore your options at Wonderland Uluwatu - Bali’s newest wedding and events space. Find out more at


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